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    Coldplay's Oracle confirms Chris Martin's earring...

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    June 10, 2010 - submitted by Raphita, France

    Q. Hi Oracle ! I wondered if Chris Martin Wears a real earring ? Thanks !

    The Oracle replies:

    Wonder no more Raphita, he does!


    June 10, 2010 - submitted by Keith, Ireland

    Q. I was just looking at the video of Coldplay performing Back For Good with Gary Barlow at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London and I was just wondering who's the guy playing the piano?? Cheers Oracle. :)

    The Oracle replies:

    I've actually answered this before; it's Jon Hopkins.

    June 10, 2010 - submitted by Mallory, United States of America

    Q. Why hello, Oracle. I've got quite a problem and seek your advice! I've already reached twenty years of age, and I want to start my own life already, but my mother is very, very, VERY clingy and pretty much does not want me to leave my home at all whatsoever, even with my fiancee. She says I can leave when I want, but when I do say I want to go, she says I can't and starts a big fight over it. I really love my mom and all, but I don't know what to do, I am really tired of sitting about doing nothing, and I already want to start seeking my love for art as well as spread my own wings and fly to new places, I want to start my life with my fiancee as well. How can I do this without truly angering my mom and getting her to let me go? I really don't want to have to leave by force and get her even more upset, I care about her more than she believes I do...

    The Oracle replies:

    It's a tricky question because I don't want to offend anyone with my answer! You might be your mother's child (and forever will be) but you are now an adult so don't feel that you can't start living as one! There, I said it! Of course it's always lovely to be respectful of parents and to do what you can for them but you do not have to feel guilty; it's your life and your Mum will soon get used to your new found freedom. By the way... 20 and still living at home... Boys do tend to hang around longer so yes it sounds like time to cut those strings. If financial reasons make getting your own place a difficult option why not set a goal to make it achievable. Or try flat sharing as it isn't as costly. I can understand why you don't want to leave in anger but just talk to your Mum gently and explain that at some point she did the same, as did your father as indeed most of us do. In fact, so will any future kids you may have so it's all a cycle of life and growing up. Mothers can find it very hard to see their children leave especially if you are either an only child or the youngest; try to give her as much notice as possible so you can both prepare for it but once you've left, be mindful not to return just for cash hand-outs or to have your washing done!


    June 9, 2010 - submitted by Nick, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, I saw a video today on YouTube and my question is, is there a video for Glass of Water because this looks professionally made? Here is the


    The Oracle replies:

    It's not a promotional video, it's a live performance. At the very start of the clip you will see a logo of the TV show that this clip is taken from; 4 Music a Channel 4 music show in the U.K.


    June 9, 2010 - submitted by Shany, Israel

    Q. Beloved Oracle, Don't you find the line "I've got to get out of this hole" in Coldplay's Amsterdam a bit insulting? I don't know how it works in English but in Hebrew the word "hole" refers to an unnecessary, boring and misplaced city. I mean, I've never been there but I'm sure Amsterdam is a very nice place... Thank you!

    The Oracle replies:

    The word hole is not used to describe Amsterdam! It has several meanings (one of which is the same as yours) but in this case it means to get out of a bad situation. I have been to Amsterdam many times (as have the band) and you can rest assured it's no hole; it's amazing!


    June 9, 2010 - submitted by Catherine, United States of America

    Q. O wise Oracle, I come seeking your advice, for I am in a bit of a pickle. A giant pickle. Right now is a pivotal turning point my life, where I am now realizing who I really am. I have realized that I adore the arts, and that that is who I am. But my parents see potential somewhere else. Somewhere really distant. Say, in mathematics or sciences. They say that art is not a possible career, that it will lead only to misery and unhappiness. They wish for me to throw myself deeper and deeper into more academic fields. For some reason, it's really quite depressing when they say those words. I think I've cried more over this than anything else. To me, artistic expression is quite possibly one of the only reasons why I am still sane. That, and listening to music. Especially Coldplay. I'm currently painting an acrylic work on canvas based on "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground". I know I can't have both. Either of the two paths take a substantial chunk out of my time if I choose to invest in them. I don't know whether I should forsake my heart, soul, and sanity, or respect my parents' wishes. Personal fulfillment or academic achievement and potentially more wealth in the future. I don't know which to choose. Please, please help me, Oracle. Thank you, Catherine

    The Oracle replies:

    Personally I am a great believe in pursuing your dreams and setting realistic goals so if you've got the talent and passion - which I can tell you have, go for it! Don't look back and regret what you didn't do; life's too short. And just to throw an idea in the mix which may be something you haven't considered but you CAN have both; for instance architecture is certainly a meeting of art and mathematics!




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