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    Coldplay's Oracle gives Goldheart Assembly and The XX a listen...

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    March 24, 2010 - submitted by Thomas, Netherlands

    Q. Dear Oracle, I just wanted to say that the new album by Goldheart Assembly is really good. How do you think about this Folk-rocky band???? Cheers

    The Oracle replies:

    Oooh this and the last question answered arrived at the same time so we must be hungry for new bands eh? I have to say that I really like the band and am glad our friend Simon is involved. They remind me of Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons; that's a good thing.


    March 24, 2010 - submitted by Carolyn, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle. Do you and the boys like the band The XX? Thanks in advance.

    The Oracle replies:

    I recommended The XX to Guy during the tour so hopefully he will have had a listen. I saw them support Florence & The Machine during their last tour and bought the album as I think they're great. Dunno if the rest of the guys have heard it yet but am sure they will...

    March 24, 2010 - submitted by Mile, Colombia

    Q. Dear Oracle, I was wondering, were the members of the band aware of the chaotic situation in Bogota because of the transport strike? They can�t imagine all the obstacles most of the fans had to pass to get to the line (at least in my case), I don't know what they saw, but in Bogota we do use public transportation usually :) Pls say that they are going to come back to Colombia soon. Thanks

    The Oracle replies:

    Chris was told about the strike whilst having his breakfast on the day of the show; he was very worried about how fans would get to the concert. I myself saw the protests in the square but was assured by Miguel - our very hospitable guide - that the fans had waited such a long time to see Coldplay that they would literally walk miles to get there if they had to. Judging from the crowds it would seem he was correct. It was such a shame that fans had a struggle to get there and hopefully it was well worth the effort! I can't lie and say the band will be back soon because you know how long it took for that visit!




    Pictures of winning auction items (Chris Martin's Fender Rhodes piano) in the Coldplay end of decade clearout sale (by lo&loud):












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