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    Coldplay's Oracle on Anchorman, Riders, Golden Syrup and The Dubliners (song)

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    January 20, 2011 - submitted by Luis, United States of America

    Q. Oracle can you please just give us some good news?

    The Oracle replies:

    Yes of course. I sold my car for more than I advertised it for and found a new flat to rent at the weekend! Oh, you don't mean my good news do you? Ok, well apart from the live dates that have been announced I've nothing else to impart.

    January 20, 2011 - submitted by Alejo, Peru

    Q. Dear Mr. O !!! Do you know if Mr. A read their DM's on Twitter?? I mean sometimes it could be matter of life or death.

    The Oracle replies:

    Gosh I wouldn't suggest that you contact Anchorman on matters of life or death. Not because he wouldn't care as I can assure you that Anchorman is a very caring individual but it's not wise to pin hopes on a response. Are you sure it's literally a matter of life or death? He's not Jim'll Fix It you know.


    January 19, 2011 - submitted by James, Ireland

    Q. Hello Oracle, I saw

    on YouTube, and have two questions about it. 1) Is this song going to be in the next album? And 2) Why did Guy walk off? Did he dislike the song? :P Thanks.

    The Oracle replies:

    is a better audio version so you can hear what Chris says about it before they start. As you will hear he mentions that it will be released on an E.P (Extended Play) you will have noticed, it hasn't been. This song will not be on the new album either. There's nothing sinister in Guy leaving the stage. Sometimes nature calls...


    January 19, 2011 - submitted by Amanda, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, I have a recipe that came from England that calls for Golden Syrup . If I can't get any can I use honey instead ? I'll send you some if it's edible and turns out all right ! Thanks !

    The Oracle replies:

    It won't quite taste the same with honey, honey. You can of course substitute it but if the recipe calls for golden syrup it's advisable to use it. In England we have a golden syrup brand called Golden Syrup but you should be able to buy general golden syrup (how many times am I going to say golden syrup in this answer?) If you can't find syrup just use treacle - a pale one, not a dark one.


    January 19, 2011 - submitted by Stephen, United Kingdom

    Q. I was a little unwell when it came out but I developed a theory that every song on A Rush of Blood to the Head was dedicated to a flower. Was I mad?

    The Oracle replies:

    You were indeed mad Stephen although... one track was sort of dedicated to a flower.


    January 18, 2011 - submitted by Fernando, Argentina

    Q. Hey Oracle, I found this somewhere in the internet. Is this true? I mean there's a LOT of alcohol and cigarettes...

    Thanks You!

    The Oracle replies:

    Ah the legend that is the Rider. I would love to say yeah dude it's rock n roll but I can honestly tell you that Coldplay do not consume that high level of alcohol/cigarettes - if any of it! I would suggest it is a standard rider of a big name band but in no way reflects what they "need" - which is probably just fruit and water. Ok so not quite as there is of course a need for catering. The family & friends room is usually equipped with refreshments too. There have been some great riders throughout musical history and I do know that some tour managers/artists get great amusement from seeing what they can actually get venues to provide. Of course "we" have never done that but feast your eyes on Iggy Pop's gig needs. The rider starts page 13 but the rest of the document is well worth a read.


    January 18, 2011 - submitted by Sabrina, Argentina

    Q. Hi O! I was just wandering: Which ones do you enjoy answering more: Coldplay related questions or the asking for advice questions"? Thanks! Bye!

    The Oracle replies:

    I guess it depends on the question but I do enjoy the ones that make it all so real and human. Coldplay related questions can be fun but if you only knew how many "when is the album coming?" questions I had to delete. There's a lot of repetition too that I have to ignore as we have tag clouds to search for topics. I'm hoping 2011 is about to get an injection of inspiration and really interesting Qs are going to come flying in any day now!





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