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    Coldplay's Oracle on backstage 'Viva La Vida Love'

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    June 30, 2009 - submitted by James, United Kingdom

    Q. Dear Oracle, In Roadie #42's latest blog (number 88), there's a rather nice photo of the band with Dave Holmes the manager man. It certainly makes a pretty picture but I was wondering what is written on the tag around his neck. I normally wouldn't be too interested but I thought it looked like "Viva la Vida With Love" meaning "Live Life... With Love". Now, though, I'm not so sure. Can you please help me out of this calamity? Cheers!

    The Oracle replies:

    All their passes have Viva La Vida Love on them. It's from a section of a Reign of Love illustration by Jonny.

    June 30, 2009 - submitted by Juley, Malaysia

    Q. After the 2005 tour poor Chris was looking rather thin, I offered, via friends who know Phil, to cook him a hearty meal of sausage and mash (my fav!) at mine. But I think he was probably a bit too busy to accept!! Gorgeous as he is Chris is looking thinner than Kate Moss at present so the offer still stands but we are a little further away now (Malaysia) and no sausages here so it will have to be nasi lamak. How's his diary looking!!? Terima Kasih (Thanks) Juley P.S. please send me some saugages (Sainsburys frozen ones would be great)!

    The Oracle replies:

    Chris eats very well so don't you go worrying about him. He's looking trim because he's running around on stage nearly every night which is burning lots of calories.

    Terima Kasih for the kind offer though and sorry, no sausages!


    June 30, 2009 - submitted by Emily, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, Have you noticed that the song When Love Takes Over by David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland sounds a lot like "Clocks"?

    The Oracle replies:

    It seems you didn't notice that I already answered this. Excuse my sarcasm Emily, if you go to the tags and click Clocks, you'll see that I had noticed ;)



    June 30, 2009 - submitted by Caitie And Sarah, United States of America

    Q. Hello Oracle! Okay weird situation. The other day our friend got a dog that was named SugarBear. It looks like a Shitzu/Rat Terrier, but someone keeps telling her that SugarBear is the name of the breed. So our question is... Is there a breed of dog named SugarBear?

    The Oracle replies:

    A popular name for a dog but I have never ever encountered a breed of that name.




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