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    Coldplay's Oracle on Chris Martin's 'boundless energy'

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    July 17, 2009 - submitted by Adrian, United States of America

    Q. Was Chris Martin on drugs at the Sunrise Florida concert? Cuz he was bouncing off the walls as they say.

    The Oracle replies:

    Good Lord no, that's not Chris' style; he doesn't partake in such things. He has always been like that; boundless energy and very high levels of adrenalin are what you're seeing. He used to jog before they went on stage to burn some of the excess energy off but now the bigger shows means he has more room to bounce around as you say.

    July 17, 2009 - submitted by Patricia, Mexico

    Q. I have a boyfriend who I love, but a great gay invites me to a great trip. What I have to do?

    The Oracle replies:

    Now, there could have been a typing error here or perhaps some language confusion. If you have a boyfriend you love but a great GUY has invited you on a trip, it's probably wise not to go. If a great GAY has indeed asked you, then I can't see a problem as that would be of no threat to your relationship.


    July 17, 2009 - submitted by Sofia, Argentina

    Q. Hey Oracle! I hope you can answer this question, because I asked a couple before but never got an answer! Does Guy have a facebook profile? Do you know?

    Because I added a Guy Berryman, but I think is a fake one. Thanks Oracle!

    The Oracle replies:

    Guy did have a facebook profile a long while ago but deleted it so any Guy Berryman you have added is not him.




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