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    Coldplay's Oracle on Co-ordinating the Stadia Crowds

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    February 25, 2009 - submitted by Charlene, France

    Q. Ooh dearest Oracle. I'd like to know your opinion about this project a guy had : at the Coldplay concert in Paris-Parc des Princes, people will come dressed in red or/and white (Viva la Vida colors) and maybe a crown, to show how much we love Coldplay and to leave them a good memory of this gig (I'm sure this concert will give us a great memory !)The guy made a group in facebook and website etc... as I see it's working. So, do you think it's a good idea ? Will the band like it ? Thank you very much...sorry for my English. bye xo

    The Oracle replies:

    I heard about this a few months ago and think it's a charming idea. The band would love it but not everyone attending the show will know about it so the impact of it will depend on how many people do it. I mean Parc des Princes is a huge venue and I doubt the guy can get 40 odd thousand fans to get involved.

    Speaking of Prince, which I know we weren't really but... for the Sign o' the Times tour it was requested on the ticket that everyone wear peach & black. I think crowns would be easier than colour co-ordinating the crowd to be honest. Whatever he decides, good luck to him I say!


    Note: The Parc de Princes thread is here for those who want to share their crown ideas!

    February 25, 2009 - submitted by Sweet Marianne, Spain

    Q. Dear friend Oracle, as you may remember Chris and Johnny took part in 2005 in a radio session in Ingravidez at los 40 Principales radio station, with Ramon Redondo, as seen in Live 2003 DVD. This month at the same radio show it's taking place a contest for one of the 70x70cm limited edition Viva la Vida cover made on linen. This contest consists on asking 6 difficult questions which are:

    -Song deticated to Johnny Cash and Johnny Cash video where Chris appears.

    -Building where LIT ii was recorded.

    -Name of the 3 songs performanced at LIVE 8, and name of the guest artist who sang one of them.

    (next 3Q will go out during this week, so if you want me to I can send them too) Now my question is: could you PLEASE do noy answer any of those questions? This has to be fair play, you know..Everybody deserves the same possibilities!;) Your truly reader! xx

    The Oracle replies:

    Two of those answers are on this site somewhere (one just added yesterday) and as it's a competition it wouldn't be fair if I just gave you the answers, you have to put some effort in! The world wide web can help you win the coveted prize but I will give you a little support as there's actually 4 answers needed with those 3 questions. Check the first question carefully; Coldplay wrote a song for Johnny Cash but that's not the same song that Chris appeared in the video for.


    February 25, 2009 - submitted by chris, United Kingdom

    Q. Hello oracle. I'd like to know, are Coldplay keane on Keane? thanks.

    The Oracle replies:

    They're keen on Keane, yes.




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