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    Coldplay's Oracle on Hidden Messages on 42, Prospekt's March & Rainy Day

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    February 13, 2009 - submitted by Jean, Canada

    Q. Dear Oracle, At 1.45 of "42" (the song), one can hear something that sounds like somebody saying "Patrick". It struck me right away but I never found a meaning to it. Then, upon my first listen of "Prospekt's March", I shockingly noticed a similar sounding "voice" at .09 of "Rainy Day"... that's when I realized that "42" and "Rainy Day" are both Track #4s on their respective albums. That's when it struck me to see if the "voice" occurred at the same time relative to the beginning of the album (0.00). Turns out they don't (occurring at 9.46 and 11.30 respectively). You'd think that I'd have abandoned hope for a meaning at this point, but no... My question is what does this all mean?

    The Oracle replies:

    There are so many sounds, noises, murmurs, talking etc in many of their tracks. There's no hidden meaning behind it. The Beatles did the same and I know Coldplay loved that and so are happy to leave that kind of stuff in too.

    February 13, 2009 - submitted by Mark, Australia

    Q. Hey Oracle I am immensely looking forward to the Coldplay concert when they return to Perth in a fortnight, but I have a problem. Since they last came to Perth I now have two young toddlers, neither who will go to sleep for anyone but their parents. So what time approximately will Coldplay actually get on stage for their Australian concerts - as we may need to get the kids to sleep before rushing off to the venue. Cheers

    The Oracle replies:

    Well Mark, we have a thing called Supernanny who would challenge your theory that "neither will go to sleep for anyone but their parents". Those little uns can get to sleep without you; they just want you to think they can't. I know they can be stubborn when they want to be and even when tired, stay awake if it does the trick. Don't give in. Bedtime is bedtime no matter who's putting them there. You need to take control and enforce different sleeping rules. Ahem, anyway if they're young they are probably in bed by 7pm so depending how far away you live from the venue, it should be possible. They're usually on around 9 but of course that can change. Don't put yourself at risk by rushing; perhaps practice with whoever will be looking after your children over the next two weeks.


    February 13, 2009 - submitted by Mario, Portugal

    Q. I oracle, I want to know, and since you know everything what can I do to send a new lyric an a new song to Chris, for he use in a concert/album?...it's a special song because was wrote with words of Coldplay's music.

    The Oracle replies:

    Hello, I'm ever so sorry but we don't accept lyrics for consideration as the band do like to write their own material. Don't give up; maybe you could perform it yourself?



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