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    Coldplay's Oracle On Nelly Furtado / Chris Martin Duet

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    April 21, 2009 - submitted by Kyrie, United States of America

    Q. My lovely Oracle, What do you think is the best way to let people know about Earth Day, this Wednesday, 22 April?

    The Oracle replies:

    But that's only tomorrow so you haven't given me much time to help you out on that one! Maybe this reply will let a few more people know?


    April 21, 2009 - submitted by Joanna, United Arab Emirates

    Q. Hi one that knows it all, You mentioned in one of the answers that Coldplay did some sort of colaboration with Nelly Furtado. When i searched the internet the other day it said that the song All Good Things Come to an End is by both Nelly Furtado and Coldplay. Is this true? And if so, did Coldplay just do the instrumental parts because I never hear Chris' voice. Thank you in advance!! :)

    The Oracle replies:

    It wasn't Coldplay, but it was a collaboration with Chris. Unfortunately the version with his vocals didn't end up on her album but it's knocking around on the internet somewhere. It's a shame because I thought it was a great duet.

    April 21, 2009 - submitted by Daan, United Kingdom

    Q. Hi Oracle. Some of the early songs appear on two releases (singles, albums, EPs). I was just wondering which of the following are actually new versions and which ones were just re-released:

    Bigger Stronger (Safety EP/Blue Room EP);

    Such a Rush (Safety EP/Blue Room EP);

    No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground (Safety EP/Yellow single);

    Don't Panic (Blue Room EP/Parachutes);

    High Speed (Blue Room EP/Parachutes).

    I think the Brothers & Sisters track from Brother's & Sisters is different from the Trouble single, judging by the intro. I hope this isn't too much work for ya, but I'm sure I'm not the only Coldplay fan to wonder this. Thanks a million.

    The Oracle replies:

    The 3 tracks that were originally on the Safety E.P are exactly the same and weren't re-recorded for their subsequent releases. There were 2 recordings of Don't Panic and High Speed from sessions with the original producer Chris Allison before Ken Nelson took over; Don't Panic on The Blue Room E.P is said version. Brothers & Sisters on the Trouble single is a different version. In fact, the band had already recorded that track before the Fierce Panda release of it.




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