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    Coldplay's Oracle on the backwards 'The Scientist'

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    June 11, 2009 - submitted by Anggita, Indonesia

    Q. Dear, my lovely Oracle. I read that it took a month for Chris Martin to learn how to sang backward for The Scientist video. So here's my question. What does the "backward" means? Well, my sister and I has been argue about these for a few days and its start to annoying me. She said that Chris only need to read the syllable backward when I said he need to read the lyric backward for every single letter. Example: no-bo-dy = dy-bo-no (her opinion) n-o-b-o-d-y = y-d-o-b-o-n (mine)

    Which one of us is right and please give the explanation also cos we both really need to know before we start to kill each other because of this. Huge thanks and love for you. Salam

    The Oracle replies:

    You're more right than your friend who didn't actually change the order of letters in the above case. When you say/sing anything backwards it still has to be phonetically the same but broken down into new syllables of sorts. When you play the reversed version backwards it has to sound as the forward version does. That would only work if reversed in the correct sequence: no-bod-y would be y-dob-on (but the no would be pronounced as oan).

    June 11, 2009 - submitted by Janet, Mexico

    Q. Oooh dear Oracle! can you tell me which songs are the best to make the love with my boyfriend and made it unforgiven? Thanks

    The Oracle replies:

    You mean unforgettable rather than unforgiven...I'm not entirely sure it's appropriate to recommend any songs, as that's a very intimate, personal part of your life. I can think of plenty but think it may be best for you to find your own!


    June 11, 2009 - submitted by Cody, United States of America

    Q. Guten Tag Frau oder Herr Oracle, I was wondering if Coldplay's fifth album would contain all new material, or withhold tracks previously unheard like Famous Old Painters, Lukas, or Blasphemy? I don't know whether or not this question has been answered, and if so please tell me so. Haha Wie immer ein riesiger Fan von Coldplay, Cody P.S. The Boys were terrific in ATL

    The Oracle replies:

    It's not very usual for such old tracks to appear as new material. As ideas develop for a new album, many tracks are discarded. In My Place is a rare exception. That song was played on the Parachutes tour and survived demo and recording sessions to end up on A Rush of Blood. Other songs that had been considered initially were either used as b-sides to singles or abandoned completely.




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