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    Coldplay's Oracle on the poor beaten puppets (may they rest in peace)

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    March 15, 2010 - submitted by Flor, Argentina

    Q. I'm so curious... what really happened to the puppets? Was the tequila as I've heard? Or the atmosphere in Bogota? It seems that the tour got them tired a lot! Poor puppets... I think they deserve some rest :) Haha .. I really hope you enjoyed the whole tour, thanks a lot for coming. See you soon ... ..We love you! :D

    The Oracle replies:

    I blame the altitude! I will let you into a secret. I actually left Chris' leg in the back of a car in Rio; it had fallen off and I hadn't noticed. We were reunited very quickly and the following day he was given to the crew carpenter as he had a severe head injury; basically the back of it had come apart. As you can see the puppets took a beating on this gruelling tour and sadly didn't quite make it until the end. It's a shame they weren't photographed well in Guadalajara and of course at all in Monterrey.

    March 15, 2010 - submitted by Mariana, Mexico

    Q. Dear Oracle: in the concert in Mexico City on March 7 in the "Foro Sol", how did Chris knows that day was the day of the family?? Because he said in Spanish "feliz dia de la familia" - thanks for answer.

    The Oracle replies:

    We'd heard earlier in the day because the area around the hotel was closed to vehicles. A few people had ventured out to go shopping and seen families with children playing in the streets for themselves. The band do take an interest in what's going on around them and that's also why Chris is very keen to speak the local language with a few colloquialisms thrown in; there was a pretty rude word used in Guadalajara much to the crowd's delight!



    March 12, 2010 - submitted by Lety, Mexico

    Q. Dear Oracle, first of all I have to say that yesterday was the most amazing concert I've ever been to, and hope you guys come back pretty soon. My question is, did the Coldplay-shaped puppets made it to Monterrey? they seem to be MIA around here.

    The Oracle replies:

    I'm surprised they survived the tour to be honest. I don't know whether to blame Tequila for their behaviour in Guadalajara; as you can see by that photo they were certainly not at their best. It was a very hot day and they weren't in the mood to go to Zapopan Catedral, Teatro de Gollando or Acueducto. There was a party here in Monterrey on Wednesday night for all the crew members, Bat for Lashes and of course the band. That was quite a late night and so the following morning the pesky puppets were, as you say, missing in action. They even refused to have their photo taken with the real band members yesterday. There will be one last photo but I doubt it will be a scenic shot of this wonderful terrain. It's a shame because I quite fancied taking them on a trip to Mirador del Obispado.


    March 12, 2010 - submitted by Kaz, Mexico

    Q. I suppose the band ends up feeling extra hyper after a show... what do they do to cool down and finally get a good night sleep?

    The Oracle replies:

    On this tour we have had aftershow parties which are actually rather civilized gatherings. We'd arrive back at the hotel probably a maximum of 20 mins after the fireworks had gone off and meet up again for food, drinks and chat. The bedtimes varied but Guy was always the first to retire and the first to emerge for breakfast.





    Photos of Coldplay at Foro Sol, Mexico City (7th March 2010):
























    Photos by Osiris Priego


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