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    Coldplay's Oracle on the Roadie book, Las Vegas gig, Doctor Who and limestone

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    January 11, 2011 - submitted by Suzana, Brazil

    Q. Hello, Oracle! How has 2011 been so far? Do you have any idea if Matt McGinn's book is the process of being translated into other languages? It'd be great to read it in our languages. One more question (two, actually): is it possible to get, through Coldplay's website, the good old e-zines? Is is possible that anything similar will done again (this would be beyond great)? Thanks in advance!

    The Oracle replies:

    As far as I know Matt's book is not currently being translated into other languages but I do hear that there are plans for a paperback release. The ezines are actually accessible via the Internet as pdf files rather than through our site (old or new). They pop up for me every so often on Google. I also stumbled across this site so they are definitely out there. They're part of the old site so we don't have them archived on the current one. As we have our wonderful Roadie #42 blogs, Anchorman's newsreels and regular Messengers sent out there's no need for an ezine.

    January 11, 2011 - submitted by Lukas, New Zealand

    Q. Hey Oracle, I'm in a band and we've come up with about six catchy songs, but the other two guys in the band have a completely different taste in music to me. They only listen to Train and Jason Mraz and Dane Rumble, and other pop music like that. I'm more into stuff like Coldplay, Radiohead, U2, The XX; bands that have ambition. Except, because my band mates haven't heard of these artists or any music outside of the mainstream, they aren't open to any strange/weird ideas that I like coming up with. How do I bring ambition into a band that doesn't know what ambition is? Musically and lyrically?

    The Oracle replies:

    You know your band members better than I do of course but I am about to challenge almost everything you have said! Firstly you said "we" have come up with 6 songs which implies together as a band you have created something you all like therefore your tastes are irrelevant and have only served to bring different influences in which is never a bad thing. Secondly you say that your friends haven't heard of any music outside the mainstream and I'd say that both Coldplay & U2 ARE mainstream! There's nothing wrong with liking Jason Mraz etc. by the way... A band is ultimately made up of a friends who have shared interests otherwise they probably wouldn't be friends. Even if that shared interest is actually just being in that band you don't have to all like the same music outside of the band as long as the music you make within the band is something you all love that's all that matters. That is why I dispute your argument as 6 catchy songs is more than many bands I know can come up with! If you like weird/ strange ideas and they don't, maybe you're just with the wrong people or actually - maybe they are. The songwriting shouldn't be contrived or forced into a genre so perhaps look at those 6 songs you wrote as your starting point. I'm not entirely sure it's ambition that your band mates lack, after all they are in the band so they've given some commitment. You can't bring ambition but you can all get excited by the music you are making. If you want to make a career from it you have to realize it's very difficult and it's not just motivation and belief that drives the band, you need talent and a lot of luck.


    January 10, 2011 - submitted by Nick, United States of America

    Q. What is limestone rock? I've heard Chris mention that somewhere before but I've never heard of it before.

    The Oracle replies:

    Basically Chris has used the term when making a joke about where Coldplay fit into the musical term rock. Coldplay are often described as soft rock as oppose to hard rock. They do however have a heavier side that sometimes goes unnoticed. Chris therefore describes the band as limestone rock which usually refers to a geological term rather than the aforementioned musical one.


    January 10, 2011 - submitted by Julie, United States of America

    Q. Honest Oracle, did Coldplay perform in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve? I had a friend tell me this, but I don't really believe her. She said that Jay-Z and Beyonce were there too. Is this true?

    The Oracle replies:

    Yes it's true. You can find plenty stories about the Cosmopolitan show on the Internet. It wasn't like a normal gig or part of any touring schedule; just a one-off so we didn't cover it.


    January 6, 2011 - submitted by Colin, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, Will people in the U.S.A. be able to watch the Zane Lowe interview tomorrow morning? Colin

    The Oracle replies:

    Given it's on the radio, no and neither will people in the U.K. Sorry for being facetious Colin. Although Radio 1 is part of the BBC it's available globally live and via listen again after the event. Head over to their site to catch up now. TV/video stuff (think TOTP) has restrictions so not every territory will have access to them.


    January 6, 2011 - submitted by Monica, United States of America

    Q. Who is your favorite Doctor from Doctor Who?

    The Oracle replies:

    Tom Baker.


    January 6, 2011 - submitted by Anush, India

    Q. Dear Oracle, Why don't Will, Guy, Jonny & Chris have their own social networking ID's for interacting with their fans, apart from bands website? Anush.

    The Oracle replies:

    I promise I'm not trying to be funny Anush but what with having families and being incredibly busy in the studio they don't really have time. I'd also add in my own general view... just because Facebook & Twitter etc. exist doesn't mean to say that everyone must have one and share in their channels. It's great in our case that we have collective pages for the band because should the mood take them, they do have the access to interact and indeed Guy has. I know many high profile people do tweet; I see it as a platform to say what's on their mind rather than interaction per se.




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