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    Coldplay's Oracle on Very Old B-Side, 'For You'

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    February 24, 2009 - submitted by Sarah, United Kingdom

    Q. Dear Oracle, I came across a song today that according to a friend of mine is by Coldplay. The vocals seem to be those of Chris Martin which is why I would like to know if this song is indeed one by Coldplay. My friend says its title is "You" and I can recall the use of the word "circumvent" a few times, if that helps. Does it ring a bell? If so, then was it released as part of an album or was it B-side and is "You" its actual title? Thanks very much.

    The Oracle replies:

    It does indeed ring a bell. I LOVE this song. It's called For You and it's circumnavigate you're thinking of. This is a golden oldie from 2000 and it was the b-side to the Shiver single.


    February 24, 2009 - submitted by joey, United States of America

    Q. sooorrry for asking soo many questions if ur getting annoyed of me knoweldgable oracle but i was wondering i have heard rumors that coldplay might be playing during halftime at the next super bowl is this true?

    The Oracle replies:

    The rumour will have started when Bruce Springsteen was asked which band he'd like to see follow him next year. By replying Coldplay he's got a few people excited. However there's been no official talk of it and I'd say it's way too early to even speculate on such things.

    February 24, 2009 - submitted by Lynn, United States of America

    Q. This is a truly unusual request. I want someone to adopt me so that I can attend a Coldplay concert. I am 67, way too old to be interested in their music but I am captivated by Viva La Vida because it reflects who I once was...on the top of my game. But for some reason Chris' voice gives me joy, not a sense of loss. I've listened to all of the album, looked at YouTube, but really want to see the band in person. But no member of my family is interested. Incidentally, I don't do drugs, am spiritual if not religious, but just appreciate hearing music that resonates with my soul. Thanks...And is anyone up for the challenge of accompanying this Grandma to a Coldplay concert (am ambulatory and in great health and don't look all that bad!)?

    The Oracle replies:

    Well I suddenly feel like Cilla Black circa 1984-2003, somewhere between Surprise Surprise and Blind Date... Firstly you are not too old to be interested in their music! Music is ageless and the band have fans from all ages between cradle and grave. Secondly you haven't said which show is nearest to you so if you'd like to let me know via email at [email protected], I shall update this post to let other readers know where and then we shall see what happens!


    February 24, 2009 - submitted by Adriana, Costa Rica

    Q. Hey there , i have two little questions for you! yes i know you're excited to read, well first is about me, i've always wanted to become a photographer but it's very expensive to study that in here :( and people tell me i shouldn't cause i wont get a job in the future anyways but its my dream, should i give up? and choose a different career? something that does pay back. and the other questions is! i know that chris has been here in costa rica on visit, i was wondering could you tell him and the guys to come here again but bring along their instruments so they can play a concert in here? its my other dream, hmm more than 2 little questions i know but since you're so almighty and everything i think you can help me! Please answer me, i don't want silence anymore.

    The Oracle replies:

    It's very expensive to study Photography here too. It's not just the course fees; it's the cost of the equipment and processing as well. I think it's important to follow your dream but if the cost is too high and there aren't scholarship opportunities maybe it's worth looking in to alternatives. You could always take a short course or a class in the subject. Failing that try and find a Photography club close by where you can learn as well as get great experience and make some good contacts. Luckily photography is something that you could start as a hobby and if you prove to be talented and get a break you could still make it without being qualified. That's no disrespect to all those who do long degrees etc. in the subject but just as you don't have to have music lessons to be a musician, there are short cuts. I can't promise a show in Costa Rica but you never know...




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