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    Coldplay's Oracle On Will Champion ("The Frightening One")

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    November 20, 2008 - submitted by Melisa, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle,Why does the band refer to Will as "the frightening one"?

    The Oracle replies:

    He's not frightening but Will does have a very sensible head on his shoulder and when it comes to making band decisions he's really good at putting valid points across and keeping everyone focused. He frequently has the casting vote and his decision can sometimes override the consensus!


    November 20, 2008 - submitted by elizabeth, Mexico

    Q. hello oracle!! my question is: In the game of the glass of water, how can I ask the qustion??? I have tried many times but I just can't... thanks

    The Oracle replies:

    It's a game that's meant to be a bit of fun so you think of a question and can then say it out loud or in your head. There's no other means of actually asking a question.

    November 20, 2008 - submitted by Tree, United States of America

    Q. I now hate Coldplay because of this video competition. You post videos by people who are in the film/media business. You play favorites by featuring some videos and allowing them to get plays automatically--so they have thousands of plays more than everybody else. Some videos are on here twice. The ratings and the number of plays can be manipulated by people (and their friends and families) and are effected by how long a video has been on youtube--those features should be turned off for this contest. It's all very unfair and competitive--ugly really. It appeals to the worst in people. Good job Coldplay. Enjoy all that money. I hate you now. Tree

    The Oracle replies:

    Charming! Look, I am going to have to respond to this. People take heed! The competition is meant to be a fun thing but one can't help notice the bitterness that has arisen. Surely people are not under the illusion that ratings and views are what are being judged? If we're loving a video, we share that with you guys so you can see some of the amazing entries. We are looking for original, great videos, simple as that. Would you have preferred a clause saying "only open to anyone has never operated a camera before"? Nowhere in the rules does it say that professional media types can't enter and that's not fair to fans of the band that just happen to know how to make a film. Some people have made up production names for this event and have done brilliantly. I feel now would be a great time to mention one stand out video that's highlighted today from someone who didn't think their video was that good. In their humility they couldn't be more wrong it's great! There have been videos from 16-year-old students that are of higher calibre than some professionals so it really shouldn't matter. We're not the least bit interested in "who" has sent them, but what they have sent. If they appear more than twice that is actually due to YouTube's favourite heart not remaining red once it's been clicked. The team has watched ALL the videos and sometimes more than one person has clicked the favourite. Every single video (as long as they don't offend or breach any t&c's) has been added to the favourites. Don't forget as mentioned in the rules, a team is selecting the best videos for the band to choose an overall winner from, so it doesn't matter how many of your family, friends or pets you get to rate or view as the team has seen them all. I do sincerely hope your hate is reactionary and that it will pass. Hate will eat you up. Unless of course you submitted a video and actually that's what the issue is? P.s. This is a genuine competition, there's no ulterior motive or promotional idea behind it.




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