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    Coldplay's Oracle speaks on double vids for Violet Hill and Viva La Vida

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    July 2, 2009 - submitted by Natale, Australia

    Q. Hi Oracle I was wondering apparently there are two videos for Violet Hill and Viva la Vida. Which are the official videos? Also the other ones were they just jokes or just a tried ideas? Hope you answer.

    The Oracle replies:

    There are indeed two videos for both of those tracks and both are official. They were far from jokes, they were just alternative videos. Trouble had two videos for different reasons. To find out why, click Trouble in the tag cloud.


    July 2, 2009 - submitted by Kru, United Kingdom

    Q. Dear Oracle, At the Brixton gig Coldplay did in London last June, the first few people in the queue to the gig were given a handbook called Politik. Whose idea was this, what did it contain and who wrote it all?

    The Oracle replies:

    Are you sure this wasn't a fanzine of some sort? The band didn't give any such booklet out. Given that Politik was from their second album, it wouldn't have made much sense to have an official handbook of that name on this tour.

    July 2, 2009 - submitted by Grayson, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, How come you keep answering Julie from the United States questions repeatedly like 5 times and not mine?! Do you like know her or something?

    The Oracle replies:

    Julie who? I very much doubt there's only one Julie in the entire US of A!


    July 2, 2009 - submitted by Florencia, Chile

    Q. Dear Oracle: Do you think guys from Coldplay could actually win the best beard award like they said a few months ago? Because I do. What do you think?

    The Oracle replies:

    I don't think they stand a chance as long as the Fleet Foxes have their incredible head start! Plus the awards for this year are over...




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