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    Coldplay's Oracle Speaks on the Unofficial 'Castles' Bootleg

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    November 4, 2008 - submitted by David, Columbia

    Q. Dear great oracle, I dont know if this question was already made, I just want to know about the non oficial cd or recopilation named “Castles” , it is true that it came from some Coldplay fans on the web?, what do the band think about this? I just found it really cool and amazing!! thanks!

    The Oracle replies:

    Castles is a bootleg CD. A bootleg is an unofficial release and is therefore not endorsed by the band or their label. In fact, they’re illegal! They frequently start with a fan gathering recordings or live versions of tracks and making a compilation and that’s what happened here. The problem with Castles is it’s often mistaken for an official release. When it first appeared it had a different cover to the one they’ve got now, they’ve made it look very professional and used the official font (at the time). As it’s being sold it’s a total copyright infringement.

    November 4, 2008 - submitted by Anne, Norway

    Q. I’m entering the Lost!-competition, but I’m only 16, and doesn’t have an extremly advanced understanding of English. So I have difficulties understanding the meaning of the song, and that makes it hard to shoot a video with the right theme. First I thought the song was about love, and wanting to see the real person behind a mask or something.Please answer me …

    The Oracle replies:

    Honestly, don’t worry about the themes of the song; just make the video you want to. There are a few that have come in that don’t relate to the song at all and they’re great so it’s not at all important.


    November 4, 2008 - submitted by Berenice, Mexico

    Q. Dear Oracle: I don’t want bother you, but I must comment that I’m so tired of the relationship that I have with my mom. She does not understand there are different people in the whole world and in our house, and is impossible that all of us meet her understandable expectations. In fact, my brothers and I are ported better than our friends and other guys that I know of our age. But she don’t want let us talk and be listened. I can’t maintain my relationship with her under control, all the time, it seems to me that I am going to get crazy (more than it already). In reality all mothers are devoted only to annoy?, what can I do to don’t have more problems, or make she changes? Love ya, this site is very funny.

    The Oracle replies:

    Family relationships can sometimes be very difficult but where we can choose our friends we cannot choose our relatives. So, whilst you are still living at home and are of a certain age it’s wise to hold your tongue and accept that a lot of the time, parents are right even if we disagree. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with her but until you have your own place it will mean she will voice her opinions in her own home and so it’s best to try not to get drawn into any arguments as hard as that will be. Not all mothers are sent to test us but the ones that may seem like they are, are probably trying their best to guide you. Maybe she thinks that when you’re a parent you”ll realize that she was right. And you know what? She might even be right about THAT!


    November 4, 2008 - submitted by Sven, Germany

    Q. Dear Oracle, There are two things I really wondered about: first thing is that Chris sometimes speaks German (when he told about the contact with Kraftwerk (”Ich bin ein Coldplayer”) and he counted the rhythm before White Shadows at Glastonbury 2005 (”zwei, drei, vier”). So is there any relationship between Chris and Germany? Second thing you know about (because you know everything) is what Coldplay thinks about the song “Brothers & Sisters”. It has been recorded AND released thrice, so i wondered if, to Coldplay’S mind, it might be the best song ever written.

    The Oracle replies:

    Actually no there isn’t. The Kraftwerk reference makes sense because the band are obviously German but the counting at Glastonbury must have been a spontaneous outburst. Maybe he’d just listened to Vertigo by U2 and decided to opt for his own version of counting in. Brothers & Sisters hasn’t been released three times. It has been re-issued and that is different. It was released by a small independent label so has nothing to do with the band so again the answer is no, they don’t think it’s the best song ever written.




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