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    Coldplay's Oracle Speaks On 'Viva La Vida' Video

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    October 21, 2008 - submitted by Cindy, Netherlands

    Q. Dear Oracle, can you tell me when and where the video for Viva La Vida 2 was filmed? It looks like Holland, and seeing Anton Corbijn filmed it, it probably is Holland. If so, too bad I missed them.

    The Oracle replies:

    It was shot in the Netherlands by, as you say, Anton Corbijn which is also why is bears more than a passing resemblance to another of his previous videos for Depeche Mode; Enjoy The Silence.October 21, 2008 - submitted by Javier Rebull, Mexico

    Q. Hi great Oracle, I have a big question for you, I saw and heard a video where Coldplay sing Clocks in a live concert but the questions is Chris sing the last part "Home, home Where I wanted to go" and repeat this part more or less 8 or 9 times. Do you know what live concert is that?

    The Oracle replies:

    That refrain was often added to the song on tour (2002) so it could be any of them. Maybe try searching for Glastonbury 2002 as a start.


    October 21, 2008 - submitted by Samantha, United Kingdom

    Q. Why are bingo wings called bingo wings if they've got nothing to do with bingo?

    The Oracle replies:

    Apparently it has everything to do with bingo! It's a derogatory term that comes from a stereotype that many ladies who play bingo have excess flab under their arms. It's horrible isn't it?



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