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    Coldplay's 'Red Rocks' Live Tracks Available On CD

    Just as he is on the football field, music aficionado Trevor Pryce could become a recording-industry...


    Trevor Pryce's first music purchase was a Sesame Street record. More than 10,000 purchases later, the NFL star's nowhere near done. The former Broncos lineman has parlayed that fascination into the Outlook Music Company. The recording label launched by the 31-year-old in 1998 now boasts several bands - and might even have a hit on its hands from St. Louis indie rockers, Autovein.


    The highest-profile releases on Trevor Pryce's Outlook Records are the two Red Rocks: Carved In Stone discs. The releases compile live tracks from the venue by the likes of U2, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Coldplay, Tori Amos, R.E.M., Willie Nelson and more.

    Both are out of print, but Outlook Records will handle Volume 3 in conjunction with Starbucks, which should bring the label a much higher level of visibility.


    Even so, it's the indie signings that keep Pryce excited - an alt-rock band out of St. Louis, a Denver hard-rock band, a North Carolina band he helped save from obscurity after it was dropped by a major label. All have a bent toward melody, whether it's couched in Beatlesque harmonies or crunching alt-rock metal.


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