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    Coldplay's UK Tour Date Changes Confirmed By Official Source: Announcement Soon

    coldplayticket.jpgFurther to our announcements earlier about the alteration to Coldplay's Liverpool concert date, it now appears that several dates within the UK tour have changed, some quite drastically. So far, they involve concerts at Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow and Belfast. So far Manchester, Birmingham and London remain unaltered. Anchorman/Messenger at the official site will be publishing a message with full details shortly.


    Change summary (so far) as follows:


    1) The single date at the Sheffield Arena has been moved from 7th December to 29th November.

    2) The first Glasgow date at the SECC is now the second date, and will take place on 9th December.

    3) As previously announced, the Liverpool date changes from 10th December to 7th December.

    4) The Belfast concert on 18th December is now the following week, on 23rd December (as confirmed by the Odyssey Arena website).


    More discussion on these changes can be found here [thanks Mr Kipling, Narna the Monkey Boy, Jenjie & timjacko]


    Please check your ticket vendor for latest information regarding ticket use. If you bought your tickets via SeeTickets you can check their latest UK tour schedule so far by clicking here (not inclusive of Belfast or Dublin).

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