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    DigitalSpy Reviews New Coldplay Single 'Life In Technicolor ii'

    LITii2a.jpgFollowing the release of Coldplay's new video in midweek, attention now turns to the digital bundle single release at the end of the month. Here is DigitalSpy's review of 'Life in Technicolor ii'. I don't think they like it. (3/5 stars):


    The original 'Life In Technicolor' appeared as a hushed instrumental intro to last summer's Viva La Vida LP. Imbued with a distinct world music vibe, it was an intriguing opener that captured Coldplay at their most serene. The track was revisited at the album's conclusion with further Brian Eno atmospherics, a few lyrics and Chris Martin humming, hinting that the band weren't quite finished with the tune.


    It wasn't such a surprise, therefore, when 'Life In Technicolor ii' popped up on Coldplay's 'Prospekt's March' EP. Extended to three minutes plus and with new lyrics about a "cold war coming" and "headlights glowing", it's morphed into a bog-standard piece of cheery Coldplay fare. Martin's "woah-a-woahs" and "love don't let me go" call-to-arms smack of laziness, while the anthemic crescendo now sounds formulaic and undercooked. Viva's inventiveness may have been undersold by many critics, but this single suggests Coldplay are only too happy to retread former bad habits.

    A reminder that 7digital have now made available short previews of the B-sides to Coldplay's forthcoming single 'Life In Technicolor ii'. 30 second previews of the tracks 'The Goldrush' and 'Life In Technicolor ii' (live at the 02 in London) are online and you can hear them both here now.


    Coldplay were earlier pleased to announce that Life In Technicolor ii would be Coldplay's next UK single. The track will be released on 7-inch vinyl and digital bundle from January 30th. The B-side of the 7-inch will be The Goldrush, a song which is previously unheard, unreleased and unperformed. As well as that track, the digital bundle will contain Life In Technicolor ii (Live @ The O2, London). The expected release date for this is 2nd February 2009. Will Champion will apparently take lead vocals on The Goldrush, similar to Death Will Never Conquer. For a time, the two songs were mistakenly thought to be the same as each other, probably due to Will's vocal contribution.


    What do you think of the previews? Let us know in the Coldplay forum here onwards. You can also now join the Facebook LiTii group started by Patrizio/Coldplayzone here which will also include news updates for the group!


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