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    [Download] Chris Martin To Work With Cascada | Jo Whiley Talks About Coldplay Album

    chrismartin5a.jpgChris Martin is rumoured to working on new material outside of Coldplay with cheesy dance trio Cascada.


    The news was revealed by Jo Whiley on Radio 1 this morning (April 25) but has caused confusion with fans after she first said that Martin had left the band. Following a number of phone calls from Coldplay followers Whiley was forced to clarify the situation, saying that Martin is in fact working on material for another project. The material is believed to be for German three piece although no official confirmation has yet been forthcoming.


    Jo Whiley also confirmed a world exclusive of Violet Hill for next Tuesday morning and also gave the following new song reviews:


    Reign of Love - "This is a very lovely, sweet song, which is very gospel like"

    42 - "This is an excellent song, a potetial single, but then again, every song on this album sounds like it could be a single, there is so much strong material on here, I think this album could be a classic in years to come"

    Yes! - "This is a very dark song, very menacing and brooding, which is different."

    Viva la Vida - "This song is just brilliant!!"


    More on this here. If you missed Jo Whiley's show you can download the relevant audio here [thanks Age Six Racer & Fixed]

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