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    'Dry Your Eyes ' - Chris Martin Version Leaked?

    Mike Skinner has said the version of The Streets 'Dry Your Eyes' which features Chris Martin could have leaked online.


    The song, which was released as a single this week (July 19) and could become the rapper's biggest ever hit, was originally recorded with the Coldplay star on backing vocals. However, it was decided that a different version would be used, and the collaboration between two of Britain’s biggest stars would never see the light of day.


    Speaking today (July 21), Skinner claimed that a US radio station had got a copy of the song, meaning the track could be available online. He also gave his reasons as to why the song hasn’t been released officially.


    If you have it or know someone who does then let us know here!He told Radio 1: "It was leaked on an American radio station - so I don't know if it's got on the Internet yet. There's another company that owns the copyright on his voice and that's a very big company. I sent it in, I went over to Camden and recorded it in their studio with my laptop and then I took it back and mixed it and finished it and sent it back to his label and all we really heard was 'No it's not really working', so I don't really know really. I get the impression that he didn't like the sound of his voice on it or that his record label didn't want it to happen."


    Martin recently gave his side of the story. He said: "There was this version of it which I sang the chorus. But I said I didn’t think it was as good as the version where he sang the chorus. Then he didn’t think that was as good as the version where some other dude sang the chorus, so neither him nor me sing on the chorus."


    The Streets’ second album ’A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ was yesterday nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, and is the bookies favourite at 3-1.


    Skinner said that he’s not too keen on the awards, but that’s meant as a general thing rather than a snub of the Mercury’s.


    He continued: "People say I snub awards but I don't, I don't go cos I don't fit in. The Mercurys are really full on and I didn't realise you're supposed to wear a suit and I turned up in my trainers and cap (last time). I won't go this time, I've been thinking about it, so don't bet on me winning cos you don't get an award if you don't go! It is a great award and I'm very proud to be nominated again."


    Source: NME

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