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    Dynamo Magic :"He's probably been writing our songs for years"

    Coldplay Dynamo MagicChris Martin :"We're just pawns in Dynamo's game. He's probably been writing our songs for years". A new episode of hit TV series in the UK, Dynamo : Magician Impossible saw Coldplay on the receiving end of Dynamo's magic tricks! The famous magician who has wowed many celebrities over the years, including Chris Martin almost 10 years ago, visited The Bakery, Coldplay's studio in London... Guy appears to be missing and Chris Martin questions Dynamo with "What the f**k have you done with him"? to which Dynamo reveals his aspirations to join Coldplay in a sinister manner! Our favourite British (might be the last chance to call him that!) or Scottish Bassist was poorly and was unable to make it on the show. The 6 minute clip, with massive thanks to @Coldplayatlas on Twitter, provides many hilarious moments including Jonny harmonizing!

    Coldplay on Dynamo by coldplayatlasLet us hear your reaction to the video!From our moderator,Batman on the forum

    What I noticed is, even though they're just making some funny noises and nothing serious, they do all intently watch each other to adapt their singing/clapping rhythm. IMO it really shows how well they work together

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