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    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall video is a hit with Coldplay fans

    ETIAWvideothumb1.jpgThe video for Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall has been out now for over 24 hours and it has been a big hit with the majority of Coldplay fans. So far 56% of Coldplayers have given the video a perfect 10/10 score. If you haven't yet voted, you can do so now. We have a large collection of screen captures to download if you wish to make use of the images for avatars, signatures or other artwork.


    More has been discovered about the location of the videoshoot. It was filmed at Millennium Mills, close to London City Airport. Millennium Mills is a derelict turn of the century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock in London. The mills also appear as the setting for a number of other music videos, including "Ask" by The Smiths (1986) filmed by Derek Jarman on the north side of Royal Victoria Dock, "Fluorescent Adolescent" by the Arctic Monkeys (2007) and "Take Back the City" by Snow Patrol (2008). As of 2011, the building remains derelict and is a destination for Urban Explorers who enter the site at high risk. Read more about Millennium Mills at Wikipedia now. You can see some excellent pictures of the building (both inside and out) here and here [thanks SueDeNimes]


    Thanks for all your comments so far on the video - if you haven't commented on it yet you can do so at the ETIAW sub-forum now. Read on for more of your mini-reviews...


    It actually improves the song, which is a pretty remarkable feat in this case. ETIAW has always seemed like LP5's LiJ to me, and this video is in many ways similar to that one. Edit: And dropping this without an announcement was a pretty cool surprise. thanks MasoKnight]


    ETIAWvideopoll20110630.pngI LOVED the video! I seriously did. I loved the grafitti stuff, and the stopmotion thing was fancy and the glow-in-the-dark-stuff blew me away. And it did remind me of a few viva era vids, but I don't mind that, I love the style of all those videos and they're very Coldplay to me. And I guess what makes them similar is that they had a viva-revolutionary feel to it with the viva-outfits. And this also has a kind of theme and graffiti-thing with outfits. I really like that they pay attention to the whole band and not only Chris. [thanks 2GreenEyes]


    Woo I really love this video, the camera makes me a little dizzy though(the same with Lovers In Japan) and it also reminds me a lot of Strawberry Swing. This is my favourite song and my favourite music video!!! [thanks 42JTR]


    The video is okay, very Coldplayish. Seems like they're ripping off the Strawberry Swing video a bit. And I'm sorry, but Strawberry Swing had one of the best videos of ALL TIME. But then again, I don't really care for music videos, it's for "MTV people". The music is the only thing that should be good here and it's not in the case of ETIAW. [thanks Tryptophan]


    first impressions after watching it 2 times. colours moving remind me of fanvid of david fonseca's dreams in colour when they are in the darker room and chris's teeth seem to shine? remind me of rammstein's ich tu dir weh -censored in germany- (just when at near the end till's cries when he says something of the captain of a boat, remind coldplay's i don't want to be the captain of this sinking ship ), when chris walks slow motion reminds of green day's jesus of suburbia, if the room grafitties were just black it'll feel like killing loneliness' him version 2 or even a similar moby video, other thoughs reminds me of hard-fi new video, good for nothing. (i'm talking visually). definitelly or i had followed much 'rock/metal' latelly or indeed i don't find it logical for coldplay to appear in a blacky room. anyways was good, yet don't like the dark room with shinny green and red graffiti, but was catchy beach video and music. now time to find clues and hidden messages. [thanks Darlene_Ihnfsa]


    One word: PERFECT! The most important thing about this video, for me, is thaa way that it fits perfectly with the song. It has the upbeat aand the joy that is the essence of ETIAW. And, of course, I´m very happy that this one is not all about Chris, coz this is a band of 4 members after all... AND LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE IN THE THING. Its clear that they are very proud of what they´ve done for the new era, I´m looking foward for the things to come.... [thanks SarahSchimidt]


    I like the video, especially the ending with Will which is the best part of it I think. It's a good video but in comparison I like Strawberry Swing's video a lot more. And even if the video makes it better, I still can't stand ETIAW. [thanks Lauriane]


    Huh nice surprise with the video release! Anyway, I like the video really much! Especially the blacklight parts, the colours are shining so bright there and everything looks so cool! And the video fits PERFECTLY to the song me thinks. *goes rewatching it again*[thanks Twisted mind]


    ASDFJKL That's a lot of paint. Also, loving the stop-motion photography used throughout – makes me think of the music videos for "The Scientist" and "Lovers In Japan" for some reason. It's so pretty. And I'm madly in love with the room with the flickering strobe light and black light paint – but I'm also slightly scared that Weeping Angels would have a FIELD DAY in that room.... [thanks Coldplaying@Hogwarts]


    As much as I dislike ETIAW, I have to concede that I really do like the video. It makes ETIAW a whole heap better in my mind at least. It's all a really lovely colourful, visual experience. Using the song lyrics to create a video could be annoying in some cases, but this works. And I love the fact that the frames are all disjointed on it-- makes for a really nice effect. My favourite part is definitely the glow in the dark scene though, just because. Nice video redeems a frankly pitiful song. [thanks Nattatouille]


    I think the video is pretty much what everyone of us was expecting after hearing the song. I am going to say that I like the song better than the video, just because it is too repetitive of what Coldplay has already done in the past. The four guys and a bunch of effects. The finale with Will playing drums is amazing, I concur. I really liked the Strawberry Swing video from the VLV era, but the VLV video was no good. LiT ii video was also good. From previous albums, I really think their best video is the one for The Scientist and maybe Don't Panic. I really hope they go back to creating real stories for each video. [thanks the_escapist]


    It's weird but every time I hear this song in a new format (on the radio, live, now the video) I like it more and more.. I have to admit I had my doubts at first with this song, but it's steadily climbing up my list of favorites. Love the video! Those awesome paint effects in the background almost overpowered the band!! [thanks toddbluezoo]


    millenniummills1.jpgCool! This video is released not on July 7th, but today...which is my 9 year wedding anniversary! We plan on celebrating our 10th anniversary next year hopefully seeing Coldplay live again. That's how we spent our 7 year wedding anniversary. I liked the video! It actually makes the song much more tolerable. I liked the colors and the stop motion....so, yeah. It worked for me! [thanks neonhorn22]


    What a delightful surprise! The video is just awesome! It captures perfectly the exuberance of the song. The way those old abandoned buildings are set alight with colors, celebration and hope is just endearing ! You got to be callous something fierce not to at least be slightly touched by the spirit of this video. For me it´s just perfect: I like ETIAW even more now! Well done boys! [thanks valypan]


    The video for Every Teardrop is a Waterfall is an indulgence for the eyes and ears! I’ve only watched the video once, but upon a first viewing, I’m wicked impressed and I feel I respect the song even more now. The stop motion photography combined with the flow of black light emphasizing all the color and street art gives this video a pumped up energy that combined with the lyrics makes one want to jump and twirl about. I like the abandoned setting and watching the surroundings change as the band appears in and out of various scenes. I think if a person were to see this video the first time they heard the song, they would have a great first impression of ETIAW. The scene with the painted heart beating on the wall while Chris sings beating his chest was a perfect visual treat. I absolutely adore Will and his drumming at the end – a very nice touch indeed. I will watch this video again and again. As someone who doesn’t “do” a lot of color, I feel inspired to wear splashy bits of color and feel like grabbing a can of spray paint to graffiti my desk at work singing “From underneath the rubble sing a rebel song!” [thanks Lani]


    Well I definitely prefer the video to the song, the editing is fantastic. I love the stop motion style of it similar to Strawberry Swing. I think the video actually complements the song really well and every time I listen to the song from now on I'll be be thinking of paint being splashed everywhere. The song makes a bit more sense when being played over the video and I think I sort of 'get' the song a bit more now. [thanks Cleggy]


    Just woke up and saw the new video! first thoughts... Los Angeles or Chicago skyline? I can't tell. Strawberry Swing, and color.. omg the color... Will's drumming at the end = awesome. Can't wait to see you guys break down all the graffiti art looking for album clues haha. Maybe it's their point to start the song kind of jerky with the stop motion, and make it more smooth flowing towards the end. And I've really grown to love this song. [thanks LVI56]


    Took a sec (or two ) adjusting to the choppy, stop-and-go shooting style. But LOVED the splashes of summer-y, graffiti colours popping out against the grey concrete...very fitting to the bright, uplifting nature of the song. Had a playful, artsy, animated feel...a combo of the Viva La Vida, Lovers in Japan and Strawberry Swing videos (which feels true to me for the vibe of the song in itself )....with glowing lyrics and slow-mo shots. It's simple and stripped back yet bleeding with life and energy through all the colours. [thanks Lovers in NYC]


    It gave me the impression of a musical firework it's the cutest most fun and creative video I've seen in a while, the background is pretty gloomy without the color but it becomes beautiful with the artwork and it's just painting so it's also simple and basic, I think it's pure Poetry. [thanks Malaika]


    Awesome videoclip!!!! Reminded me of the Strawberry Swing's videoclip. Although this was a great video, the quick photos parts were a bit disturbing to some viewers. But not to me! The graffiti and artwork in all of the video were astonishingly great, and matched perfectly with the band's new outlook. In fact, the videoclip made the music itself a lot better. At first I would rate the song a 8 at best, now I'm not sure whether it should be a 9.5 or a 10. All in all, great work Coldplay!!!! [thanks At High Speed]


    I first heard this song debut on my local radio station, and thought, "Hmmm", not quite sure of this. I listened a few more times, then heard them sing it live, and fell in love with this song. The new Video fits the song perfectly, I am really pleased with it, and enjoyed the multi colors, and neon black light effect in the dark room part of the video!!!! [thanks MartinFan]


    Coldplay and Mat Whitecross = EPIC WIN! Whenever the band and Whitecross get together they are just able to make some pretty incredible videos. I think Whitecross is a real talent and is brilliant at being able to convert what we hear from Coldplay's music into something that is so perfect visually. It sounds like a real wanky thing to say but YOU CAN SEE THE MUSIC when both Coldplay and Whitecross get together! [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    Once again Coldplay surprised us. Not only with an unannounced release (you can imagine how I felt finding about it on Twitter at the end of a workday -- can you say RACE TO A COMPUTER?) but with an imaginative video that captures the feel of a song. I liked ETIAW immediately upon hearing it (I know, I know) and love the way the video brings the song's concept to life. The urban setting and rave lighting underscores the new look the band has adopted and makes me eager to see more of what's coming. At the point where Will lost his drums, got them back, lost them, etc. I thought "Huh?" but on repeated viewings enjoyed this more. As others have said, it was great to see all members of the band featured and the little smile on Will's face at the end is perfect punctuation. Bravo, boys. Thanks for the surprise! [thanks JillyBlue]


    The first time I heard the song I was a little disappointed, but, you know: we were talking about Coldplay and of course, though, their musical approach is a little different, the band still has that sound, the Coldplay sound. When you hear Jonny's guitar and Will's drums you know that's Coldplay. So the more I listened to the song the more I liked it and when I finally saw the video my astonishment was tremendous! An impressive art work, the guys outfit and the stop-motion thing that fits so well with the rhythm of the song, the powerful art work behind them on the walls, I think they've got it: everything fit perfectly!! Great song and great video. So, I just can tip my hat and make them a bow. Great job. [thanks rousi]


    Screenshots of the Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall video (shot on 14/15 June 2011):










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