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    Exclusive Preview Of Coldplay's Prospekt's March EP (UPDATE! 6th Nov)

    prospektsmarchep2.jpg'oh they say you can see your future, inside a glass of water, the riddles and the rhymes'...


    Grab your exclusive preview of Coldplay's fantastic new EP 'Prospekt's March' on your own Facebook Profile - full details (and widget) are in the Coldplay forum now right here. So far we've heard Rainy Day, Life in Technicolor ii, Prospekt's March and Glass of Water, with more songs to come.


    Instructions: To begin, rub the Glass of Water with your mouse to receive a Riddle or a Rhyme. If you're lucky, you may also hear a sample track taken from the EP [thanks David/EMI].


    UPDATE: Coldplay/EMI have now added the rubbing glass to the official site. Anyone without Facebook can go to http://www.coldplay.com/glass to play the game, listen to the tracks and post the game to their own sites including MySpace & iGoogle.Good evening. We have a new widget. Click here to check it out. The idea is that you ask it a question, then rub it like crazy with your mouse and an answer will pop up. And, if you're really lucky (or patient), you'll get to hear exclusive clips from four of the songs on the forthcoming Prospekt's March EP... Anchorman.



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