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    Exeter review 3: Coldplay concert hailed by fans despite clashes online

    mencap4logo.jpgFans are still coming down to earth after witnessing what has been hailed as one of the "greatest concerts of the decade". As the grounds of Exeter Castle begin to return to normal after Coldplay's memorable homecoming concert on Saturday, many fans faced a long journey home as they travelled from all over Europe for the event.


    Reaction to the performance has been universally positive and its success and intimacy has put Exeter on the international showbiz map. There has been no official word yet on the evening from Coldplay front man Chris Martin but onstage he told the crowd: "It gives us great pleasure to come to finish the Noughties in the place where it all started and play for a small crowd of loyal, hardcore and very loud fans."


    However, there were a few unsavoury comments on the Exeter Express and Echo website this morning from fans and locals who clashed online over the city of Exeter and reports of theft at the venue. Read the comments after the jump...

    20091219mim141.jpgI was one of the lucky few who bought tickets after queueing outside HMV for 16 hours, and it was worth every minute to see them in such an intimate setting. The whole band were in inspired form, and Chris was clearly revelling in being back home. It really was a once in a lifetime show. [Matt Horlock, Exmouth]


    Brillant gig once in a lifetime opportunity.managed to be at the front and caught a drum stick thrown into the crowd.Certainly was an amazing home coming for them. [samantha, Sidmouth]


    Just amazing! The best concert of the music history. It's very difficult to describe if you were not there. I feel like the band were playing in my living room. Thanks to people in Exeter for their hospitality. [Fran Rey, Barcelona (Spain)]


    Truly awesome. It was well worth travelling all the way from Barcelona and back, including plane & train delaysand the freezing temperatures. Great gig in a really cosy atmosphere. Just the best Christmas present ever. Still speechless. A million thanks to the organizers and of course, to Coldplay. They were really generous. Glad to get to see such a beautiful city, too. [sonia, Barcelona, Spain]


    Barcelona must be starved of good music. I Thought chris martin's voice was not strong enough. lily would have been much better. [samantha Keen, Green Gables]


    Typical Exeter mentality 'best concert of music history'. If you travel a few hours towards a place called London then you can see all the biggest bands in the world at a place called Wembley. Just because they played 'locally' means nothing. Get a grip or better still get a life. [Me, exeter]


    @Me,Exeter - Perhaps you'll learn to read one day - the poster was from Barcelona, not Exeter. Were you at the gig? Hmmm, no I thought not. So what gives you the right to presume to criticise somebody's opinion of it? I WAS there, I DO live in London and I DO regularly go to gigs of all shapes and sizes. I can categorically say that this was something truly special - a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness one of the most talented bands in the world (and currently the biggest selling band in the world) play to just you and a handful of people, in a tiny venue which redefined "intimate". If your idea of a great gig is to watch a tiny spec performing several hundred feet away, you're welcome to it. I'd rather hear the band's instruments with my own ears, hear their voices and see their faces 10 feet away from me than on a video megawall. Get a life or better still get a lobotomy. [Anthony, London]


    to the people who make negative comments about 'exeter people'-locals-we don't need to go to london as the worst of london has moved here and don't insult our lack of culture-Matt Bellamy was a regular at the local 'cavern club' before he hit the big time- exeter has always had a fantistic low key blues/folk/rock vibe fronted by many talented artists-the locals know exactly where the gigs are and 'wembly' does not mean talent-it depends on your musical tastes and skills-real musicians would not be seen at any major events as they are too busy with their music to be interested. [smyth, devon]


    Get a grip you small minded idiots. If you could read properly, you'd know that the 'typical Exeter mentality' came from people who travelled from Barcelona and were truly appreciative of both an amazing atmosphere and gig, and a 'beautiful city' and hospitable people. Thank God they didn't encounter some of the people posting here who have nothing better to do with their tragic little lives than whine. And for the record, having been to Glastonbury and the O2, among other gigs this year, Coldplay at the Castle was quite unique and incredibly special. Kindly keep your ignorance and stupidity to yourselves in future. [A music fan, Exeter]


    London might have all the top venue's and groups, but it is not safe. Me and my best freind Gemma really enjoyed coldplay. [Kelly Woodgate, Exeter]


    Sonia, I Dont know how you can describe Exeter as a Beautiful City. Exeter Council with alittle help from the German airforce saw to that. coldplay were good though. [Pete, Bath]


    My teenage daughter thoroughly enjoyed the concert. What she did not enjoy was the low life couple stood behind her who tried to steal her handbag. At a charity concert - shame on you!! [Taz, Torquay]


    You can read some of the other comments at the Express & Echo website now.


    Fans meet Coldplay ahead of the gig at Exeter Castle (19th December 2009):










    Pictures by mimixxx


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