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    [FAKE FAKE FAKE] Coldplay Review: Prospekt's March EP

    An online review of Coldplay's forthcoming EP entitled Prospekt's March has surfaced on Coldplaying.com here. As yet no official confirmation that the following tracklisting is correct (according to Prospekt only last week they didn't even know what was going to be on the EP), but if it is you heard it first on this site. [thanks Navegador]




    1. Prospekt's March

    2. Famous Old Painters

    3. Death Will Never Conquer (Hidden track: Postcards From Far Away).

    4. Glass Of Water

    5. Leftrightleftrightleft

    6. Poppy Fields

    7. The Dubliners


    prospektlyon.jpgProspekt's March - It's like a 2nd part of Life in Technicolor, also instrumental.


    Famous Old Painters - Apparentely based in "Soldbury Hill", by Peter Gabriel. "Famous Old Painters, spreading peace around the world"


    Death Will Never Conquer (Postcards From Far Away) - This one you already know. Short hidden track, about 1 minute, only a simple piano in it.


    Glass Of Water - I loved this one, looks like a Strawberry Swing with the heavy eletric guitars of Crests of Waves. "Spend your whole life living in the past, going nowhere fast, though we measured to get used to a life like that"


    Leftrightleftrightleft - Starts with the sound of a march, with a voice saying "Left, right, left, right, left", then there's a scream and the song starts in a catchy Clocks-like melody. Instrumental.


    Poppy Fields - Has an African feeling, but heavier and faster than Strawberry Swing. "I don't want to lie on my own in a separate sky, and there I don't want to die" "Poppy fields, Poppy fields, where ugliness become beauty"


    The Dubliners - Has a 60's folk rock feeling. "Everybody wants this, everybody wants that, everbody just complains about the mysteries of the life"

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