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    Fans' comments on Coldplay's Tampa postponement

    fordamphitheater1.jpgColdplay have postponed Sunday's scheduled concert at the Ford Amphitheatre [pictured] and although the official news wouldn't go into detail it is known that band cancelled due to 'artist-related medical reasons'. We also now know that it is Chris Martin who has fallen ill. Here are some of the recent comments from Coldplayers, some of whom were due to travel to Tampa's Ford Amphitheater tomorrow:


    Well here I am in Raleigh-Durham airport, was about to fly to Tampa when a friend tipped me off that Tampa is postponed!!! I was able to change my flight and I'm going home. None of the boys seemed sick or off last night in Charlotte.. don't know what's the deal. Hope everyone is okay. The end-of-US-tour celebration will just have to wait till another time. [thanks white.shadows]


    Right before the final U.S. show? OUCH. While that means they have over a week to rest before heading back to Europe, I feel absolutely awful for anyone who was planning on going, especially the few Coldplayers who were FLYING to see them in Tampa. The latter are the greater victims when it comes to money, so hopefully they can enjoy Florida for the heck of it, but considering how hyped this particular show was (more than the previous postponed show in NY), this is a real blow to excited fans. Keep your chins up, folks - maybe Wembley won't be the last show of the tour and you guys will be instead! [thanks Corkus]

    Well, I am so bummed, but hey they have been traveling for what 14 months? I can understand how Chris can get his immune system down after everything he does, it's got to be a strain on his voice everytime he does a concert, he's more prone to getting sick than the others I think. Got a call from Babelgum.com Chris Martin is sick. Babelgum said it will be rescheduled but not sure when, and if I wanted to fly over seas for a gig they would send me and 1 other. I can't imagine the band heading overseas and ending up in London then flying everything back here for 1 show, so maybe it will be this week sometime before they leave? I checked the venue and the only dates open that have no events going on is Mon. 10th, Thurs. 13th thats it, then overseas starts on Sunday the 16th. The guy who called me this morning told me he'd contact me Monday, so I would imagine it's not mon. If not next week, I have no idea, I just want Chris to be well. Well Mon and Thurs is open, monday only gives him 2 days to rest, and thurs. is cutting it close. [thanks MartinFan]


    Oh my God, I can't believe this! There's no space in the Ford Amphitheatre guys, most likely the show is gonna be cancelled. Oh well, another time another place... I highly doubt that Tampa is gonna be the last, what can we expect from Coldplay now, that they will cancel Wembley on September 19th? [thanks dfit00]


    Bummer, I was really looking forward to go this show, it was the final show of the US gig. It will most likely be canceled and refunds will be given out because no date will magically reappear and now way they will be coming back just for one show. [thanks dangoland]


    I just wanna say how sorry I am for those affected by the postponed Tampa, Fl concert on 9 August 2009 - and I understand that some of them are already en route not learning about it until they land in Atlanta or elsewhere having taken an early flight! What a terrible disappointment to those! I also feel very sorry for Chris and the band, they must feel terrible. It's the second postponement on the Viva la Vida tour ("the worst thing is to have to cancel / postpone a concert" as Guy wrote in a tweet at the end of May when Coldplay postponed their May 29 concert in Saratoga Springs in New York "due to illness in the band". Someone quoted Chris for saying on stage at a concert that his doctor had advised him not to perform the preceding concert, but he had ignored the doctor's advice - followed by the postponement at the following concert (probably a throat / vocal cords problem ). It's the second time in a couple of months and might be pretty serious! I do hope that Chris gets well, but I also hope that he does not ignore his doctor's advice if ignoring it means that he won't be able to go on for quite a while. I am going to the first European gig in Herning (in Denmark) on Sunday, 16th August 2009 - that is, if the band members are all well and fit to go on stage! [thanks nancyk58]


    i'm seriously still in disbelief. this was def. one of the highlights of my summer. my friend and i still want to drive down to the ampitheatre and make sure that it's all really real. i hope Chris gets better soon, and the show's rescheduled very soon. i think they're not meant to play on their original scheduled dates in Tampa, b/c isn't this the second time they've had to postpone and reschedule a show there? [thanks technicolor_love78]


    WOW! I just logged on to the forum to read the news about the concert's cancelation/postponement. Now I'm glad I/we didn't go, that would have been a huge disappointment, eh? I would have felt responsible if I had convinced friends to go and then we got stuck with wasted expenses. This quote from Chris Martin seems appropriate at this point: "Life is miraculous, even when it's disastrous, it's still incredible, I'm fascinated with everything, life is fascinating, I'm fascinated by trees and dogs, but no one wants to hear me talk about it." Given Chris remarkable strength, vigor and vitality, you can be sure he's really very sick if he had to cancel a show. Poor guy, I don't know how he performs so many shows back to back with usually no more than a day between shows, if that. They performed their shows here in the SF Bay area on consecutive days. My heart goes out to Chris along with everyone elses'. GET WELL SOON CHRIS! YOU KNOW YOU ARE LOVED! The truth is that I could have gotten a RT ticket for $200 on Priceline but I decided not to go because of other commitments that I have at work and home. I could have easily been among the rest of you, left hanging in limbo, 3,000 miles or more from home. Yet, we all feel sad for Chris' illness and hope he gets the rest he needs. I was surprised at how strong he was on the second night I saw him. He actually seemed fresher and perkier at that show than at the one the night before, and his voice was strong and clear. I especially noticed how when, he laughed, he seemed to do it from deep in his belly. He accidentally laughed during the beginning of "Politik" and apologized. Their having cancel tonight's show proves that the stress of traveling catches up with even the strongest and the best of characters like Chris Martin. [thanks starfish42]


    Ok everyone, I just got to my friend's house in Atlanta. I got texts fron Kaleigh and Tracey as soon as I landed. I'm on page 69, and you guys are up to page 79, so I haven't yet read any commnents or anything. but I AM SO FREAKING BUMMED!!! We left for the airport at 5:15 this morning, so I didn't go online. I'll see what you all have been saying as I read the next few pages. I'm kinda waiting, for what, I don't know. But I guess I'll call Delta and see if I can just cancel the Atlanta-Tampa part of my ticket. On the way home, I was connecting through Atlanta again, so my flight was like 2 round trips. My friend here may be stuck with me until Monday night. And I have a non-refundable hotel room in Tampa, but really, do I want to hang out in Tampa for a day alone, just because I have a hotel room? But if by some miracle, they can do the show Monday, I'm so there...Thursday, I don't think I could do it - I can't really just hang out here for a week, and I"m sure flights are way too expensive to come back on such short notice plus I used miles to pay for this flight. I'm sorry Chris is sick and all, and I'll definitely try to come out again, and hopefully I can work it out with my kid's schedules if it's rescheduled in Sept sometime. [thanks lfdianne]


    Just landed in Tampa from Chicago. Nonononono!!!! !Stayed up all night painting an awesome banner for Elbow - got one professionally printed for CP. Beaded matching butterfly necklaces for all the girls meeting up. (silly, I know). -spent tons of non-refundable moolah. I am just sick. Sent from my damned iPhone in a CVS pharmacy parking lot in Tampa damned Florida. [thanks kspillers2]


    You can read all the comments and contribute to the Tampa discussion at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards. Thanks to all those who have added to the thread so far.


    Photos of Coldplay at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC (7th August 2009):


















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