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    [Final submissions] Simpsons contest for character alongside Chris Martin

    bartarse.jpgA reminder (via MusicRadar) that The Simpsons are giving you the chance to make your friends 'yellow' with envy. That's the idea behind a contest in which fans are being asked to design a character for an episode featuring Coldplay's Chris Martin as guest star. This contest ends Saturday so Coldplay fans need to act quick to get their chance to anim-star alongside Chris Martin!


    In the episode, set to air in early 2010, Chris Martin will appear in animated form in which Homer disappoints his wife by arriving late to a wedding after stopping to buy a lottery ticket. Apparently, he bumps into the Coldplay frontman in the town of Springfield.


    The contest, part of the Fox show's 20th-anniversary celebration, is for those 18 and older, and runs until Saturday, 11:59pm EDT 24 October. Submissions can be made online to thesimpsons.com/character. According to the show's executive producer, Al Jean, who will be a judge along with series creator, Matt Groening, the character should be pithy and funny. Jean also specified that the character should be a human being, with a typical Simpsons overbite and be yellow or with a hue found in the universe of Springfield.

    Those who enter the contest should describe their character's traits, name or nickname; age; appearance (again, human); occupation and catch phrases. The winner gets a trip to Los Angeles to work with producers and the show's animation director. The top entry will be announced in mid-November. MusicRadar was thinking of a character who goes by the name of Joe Satriani, but somehow we don't think that will, ahem, 'fly.'


    As recently announced online Coldplay has been announced as special guests on the 20th anniversary episode of The Simpsons. According to Coldplay.com, the episode will air on January 14th, 2010. An earlier report by RollingStone.com suggested that in the episode, Homer Simpson hires the band to play privately for him and Bart after he wins the lottery -- with the band having to stop their performance while Bart goes to the bathroom.


    Previous musical acts that have made guest appearances on the long-running series include U2, three of the Beatles, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, the White Stripes, the Smashing Pumpkins, Blink-182, the Who and the late Michael Jackson, while Green Day was heavily featured in the Simpsons movie a few years back.



    Coldplay as they will appear in the Simpsons episode, to air in January 2010


    Meanwhile, Cartoon character Homer Simpson will soon be turned to an icon inspiring the British to fight obesity. The Department of Health has decided to promote the beer-loving, doughnut-munching idler as the new face of healthy eating. The 'DoH' will be sponsoring episodes of the hit show to make Brits improve their diet. The central characters in the show-Homer, Bart, Marge and the rest of the cartoon family-will apparently be seen sitting on the sofa with junk food placed in front of them, at the start of each episode. Next, the food vanishes and gets replaced by nutritious fruit and vegetables.


    The Government’s Change4Life health campaign has invested 640,000 pounds for the ads to be telecast on Channel 4 till Christmas. "They provide a popular and engaging way to get the message to real-life families," the Sun quoted Public Health Minister Gillian Merron as saying. "It is good that health is associated with something irreverent and fun instead of po-faced and worthy,” said Professor Gerard Hastings, director of the Institute for Social Marketing at Stirling University. It’s not what is said but who says it that matters and the fact that Homer and Bart Simpson are implicitly endorsing this message is really important. We all have a bit of the beer and doughnuts persona in us and, within reason, that’s fine. It’s about balance and moderation,” Hastings added.




    More photos of Coldplay at Wembley stadium, London, UK (19th September 2009):




























    Photos by Kimgan




    Coldplaying Christmas 2009: Secret Santa - add your name to the list!




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