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    From NME... New Coldplay Track Descriptions

    Square One:

    Probable first single. Built around a subtle electronic drum beat reminiscent of Brian Eno or Berlin-period Bowie, the song builds into a huge chorus featuring massive guitars and organ. Like Radioheads Paranoid Android it's perplexing on the first listen and appears to go off on different tangents, but after a few spins it sounds like their most ambitious and possibly best song yet.


    What If:

    Starting with a simple piano, a fragile-sounding Chris sings, " What if you decide/You dont want me there by your side..in your life ". Realising that he cant completely control everything in life, he concludes " Every step you take could be your biggest mistake.../But that's the risk you take ". This albums The Scientist.



    Another future single, 'Talk' takes the riff from electronic music legends Kraftwerk's Computer Love and builds a completely new song. It keeps the mechanical beat of the original but adds a huge guitar and dancefloor filling bass-line. Stadiums wont be big enough to contain it.


    'Til Kingdom Come:

    This was written for Johnny Cash but he died before he could record it. Coldplays version is a sweet Dylan-esque folk song on acoustic guitar. " For you I'd wait til kingdom come/Until my days, my days are done." Chris vows.



    The dreamy, synth heavy song features the chorus, " You and me are floating on a tidal wave together/You and me are drifting into outer space ." Beatles style strings suddenly appear towards the end, and the anthemic singalong " woo-hoo-hoo " outro is set to become the sound of next summers festivals.


    The Hardest Part:

    A classic Coldplay love song about loss and heartbreak, in which Chris sings, "The hardest part was letting go, not taking part."


    [thanks PolitikClocks]

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