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    Gary Barlow's Coldplay Dismissal

    chrismartin2008a.jpgGary Barlow thought Chris Martin was "taking the piss" when he said he wanted Coldplay to support Take That. Gary, 37, was amazed when the usually serious musician revealed his love of the boy band. He said: "It's amazing! I think Chris wrote it on his website. We thought he was taking the p**s, but he wasn't. He's genuinely a fan!"


    Chris' original posting read: "I would open for Take That. We were in the dressing room the other day and, for whatever reason, we started singing 'Back For Good'. We sang the whole thing, word for word, with all the right chords on our piano, without having to learn it or anything. It was great. So I'd like to use the Coldplay website to announce that if Take That want us to open for them, we'll do it."


    Gary also revealed he is thrilled to be enjoying success with Take That, who reunited in 2005 after a 10-year break, and says he and his bandmates - Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange - are getting on better than ever.

    He added to Britain's Star magazine: "There are no rows in Take That! It's usually quite obvious who will sing what. Especially Mark's stuff, I think it's always obviously for him. And then with mine, no one else would want to sing lead, so I have to!


    "I never really take offence about anything. The other lads never really say anything offensive to me, but I never worry about being able to speak my mind either. We've all known each other for so long."



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