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    Get involved... Secret Santa 2010, Album of the Year 2010, Battle of the 1980s Albums

    albumsofthedecade1.jpgHere is a run down of some of the Community activities currently happening in the world of Coldplaying that deserve a special mention...


    Over 70 Coldplayers have now signed up to the Coldplaying Secret Santa 2010 project where Coldplayers will be paired up to send and receive Chrismas cards/gifts/things. If you're interested in taking part, make sure that you don't get left out by ensuring that you've posted your interest here and added your name to the poll as soon as possible. When you've done that please send a private message to Santa with your details (please add your country to the subject title). If you need more guidance all the information is in the first post of the thread above. The deadline for entries is Monday 25th October. [thanks Lore & RedGirl76]


    In one of several mega polls underway at Coldplaying, we're asking you to choose between 5 and 25 of your favourite albums of 2010 in Coldplaying's Album Of The Year poll. Here are the current list of rules: 1. Original studio albums only, please. No EPs, live albums, reissues, or compilation albums; 2. A list must have at least 5 albums to count. You may list up to 25 albums. Lists must be ranked by the deadline; 3. Albums must have been originally released between December 1st 2009 and December of 2010; 4. You may edit your list at any time up to the deadline; 5. Digital-only releases are welcome; 6. Please number your albums and write the artist name before the album name; 7. You cannot vote for In Rainbows. Any questions should be asked and your lists accepted in this thread up until December 28th, 2010. [thanks Space Cadet]


    Time is fast running out to choose your favourite albums of the eighties in the Battle of the Albums - The Decades - 1980s poll. The 1980's voting closes on 9th October 2010 - all you have to do it make and post a list here of up to 20 albums you think were the best albums released in the 1980s. Only a few lists have been submitted so far so if you're thinking about entering... get a wriggle on! [thanks Dargarius]


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