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    Ghost Stories sales - Coldplay dominate the world again!

    Ghost Stories sales - Coldplay dominate the world album charts

    Its been a week and a half since the new Coldplay album, Ghost Stories has risen to the fore to be crowned as the fastest selling album of 2014 in the US and the UK, probably in most of the world actually! It has been well publicized on our own Twitter and Facebook pages in addition to the official Coldplay one, that the band achieved their sixth UK #1 album on Sunday! More on that shortly but what we have been waiting for is the Billboard figures for the US charts too and the total worldwide sale figures for the first week of Ghost Stories! ghost-stories-sales^Coldplay : The British four piece dominating the world!

    UK Charts - Record breakers in native territory

    As reported during the midweek update last week, Ghost Stories had sold 105,800 copies, compared to the 122,508 Mylo Xyloto sold in the same period. The band's sixth album, Ghost Stories went on to sell a gigantic 168,000 in the first week of being on sale. MX sold 208,090 copies in the first week, however, the further dwindling of the music album market, has caused a declined in album sales. Mylo Xyloto was also release during the fourth quarter of the year 2011, a peak climate in sales so when put into perspective, Ghost Stories has done very well indeed!

    UK charts Fact : Coldplay only need one more number 1 album to equal The Beatles record of a perfect 7 from the debut album!

    — Coldplay News (@coldplaying) May 25, 2014
    As posted on the Coldplaying social channels, Coldplay only need one more number 1 album in a row to equal a record The Beatles set between 1963 and 1966 for most number 1 albums in a row! Coldplay now have 6 in a row with Ghost Stories. They also broke Keane's current record of 5 number 1 albums (since their debut) in a row.

    US Charts - Billboard smash of the year

    ghost-stories-sales-billboard^ Photo by Billboard.comUS Sales info is a little less unavailable in between weekly updates but we had predicted figures appearing of over 360,000 sales which would alone break the record for the year so far of the fastest selling album!Coldplay did end up breaking the record in the US for the fastest selling album of 2014, selling 383,000 copies! Mylo Xyloto in comparison, sold 447,000 copies in its first week. Again, the sales climate and an quieter quarter of the year are to be considered, so good sales in the US for the first week and we can judge exactly how successful it has been with the end of year figures and other first week figures later on in the year! The Rolling Stone posted an article, which revealed 64% of sales for Coldplay's Ghost Stories came from digital downloads only! The snippet of The Rolling Stone article can be seen below

    Coldplay's Ghost Stories sold a respectable 383,000 copies, easily enough to reach Number One — it's the best-selling debut week of 2014, beating Eric Church's The Outsiders, which sold 288,000. How did Coldplay pull it off? The band remains huge, of course, but this is an era of declining old-school rockers, when even once-reliable hitmakers such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park have trouble sticking to the charts. One possible reason: When I tried to play Ghost Stories on Spotify, all I found were three tracks and "the artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify. We are working on it and hope they will change their mind soon." Ghost Stories sold 64 percent of its sales digitally, a total of 245,000, suggesting the band's strategy of making frustrated Spotify streamers switch to iTunes to pay for downloads may be paying off. (Church's Outsiders still isn't streaming)

    Coldplay rule the world!

    ghost-stories-sales-mylo-xyloto^ Coldplay's last album, Mylo Xyloto, sold over 1 million copies in its first week!In 2011, Mylo Xyloto sold just over 1 million copies worldwide. In fact, X&Y and Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends also passed the 1 million mark on their first week of sale. With the UK and US sales of Ghost Stories just under the MX sales for the first week, was this record about to end? The answer was no. Coldplay's continually growing popularity, helped massively by the hugely successful Mylo Xyloto tour and quite obviously, the increase in population and the access to digital music across developing countries in the world saw total one week sales of over 1 million too with the new Coldplay album topping the iTunes of over 100 countries this time around!There were early suggestions from Coldplayzone.it that Ghost Stories had sold over 1.2m copies worldwide! A few other sources state over 1 million which is believed to be the more likely figure (At least 1m is a cert) but there is no concrete information as of exact sales yet but there should be soon!Sales information for each country is still slowly coming in but here are the chart positions and sales so far across the world with huge thanks to Mackplay and other Coldplayer contributors for gathering the information on our forums!

    Australia 1 (Platinum - selling 70k copies)Belgium (Flanders) 1Belgium (Wallonia) 1Canada 1 (49,000 copies)Denmark 1Estonia 3Finland 1France 1 Germany 1 Greece 9Hungary 1Ireland 1Italy 1 (Certified as Gold)Japan 7Mexico 1 (Certified as Gold - 30,000 copies)New Zealand 1 Norway 1Poland 1 Portugal 1Russia 1South Korea International Albums 1Spain 1Sweden 1Switzerland 1United Kingdom 1 (168,000 copies)United States 1 (383,000 copies)Uzbekistan 3
    If your country is not listed, no sales information yet.

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