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    Glastonbury Movie Hits The Big Screen

    glastonbury.jpgA movie documenting the Glastonbury Music Festival, simply entitled 'Glastonbury', will hit the big screens this week, with its premiere taking place in London tonight.


    The world-famous festival is taking a break this year, but will be back for 2007, and organisers had recorded 1,500 of amateur and professional footage of the last few festivals to make the film.


    "For such a long time I've been scared of becoming involved in making a film about the festival, because it could be so wrong," Eavis said on the Glastonbury Web site.


    However, director Julien Temple had done a "brilliant" job, he added."The most important thing is he hasn't left anything out. He's really captured the festival - the good times and the bad times, but most of all, the many important things that the Festival has come to represent over so many years."


    Amongst the acts to feature in the film, which is released across the UK on Friday, are The Velvet Underground, Primal Scream, Coldplay, and Bjork.


    "Making this film has been very similar to being at the festival," said producer Robert Richards. "It's been an intense, life-changing experience, and once all the washing-up has been done, full of happy memories."


    Source: stereoboard.com

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