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    Guy Berryman co-producing The Pierces' album: Band interview on MySpace

    guyberryman2008a.jpgGuy Berryman has finished co-producing The Pierces' new album with Rick Simpson, which also features Coldplay's drummer, Will Champion. The Pierces are two sisters from Alabama, and the new album will be their fourth. More on this news is at the Coldplay forum here [thanks iriden]


    Talking on their MySpace, the Pierce's wrote: So one day they said, "We're done, this isn't working..." and decided to split up. "When you pour your heart into a record and see its potential, and you also see that it isn't going to reach that potential, it drags you down," says Catherine. "It's heartbreaking..." "I felt angry and frustrated," Allison says. "We were trapped in this deal that was going nowhere."


    But they were saved from that fate. The day after deciding to split - the very next day - the sisters received a call that changed absolutely everything. "It was Guy Berryman," Catherine says. "He asked if we wanted to join Coldplay on tour in South America..."

    As things turned out, the sisters didn't end up joining that tour, but Berryman was keen to help in any way he could and that's how we have ended up with this remarkable, beautiful record. Last summer Berryman and Grammy Award winning producer Rik Simpson started their own production company, The Darktones and decided The Pierces should be their first project. The pair went first to NYC's Electric Lady and then to Coldplay's own place in London. Allison plays acoustic guitar, Guy plays electric guitar, bass and percussion while Guy's band mate Will Champion, Glenn Moule from Howling Bells and Matt Romano from Little Joy all play drums. The album was recorded over nine months. "We were working in Coldplay's spare time," laughs Allison. "And there's not a lot of that..."


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