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    Gwyneth Paltrow: "Chris Martin is a brilliant actor"

    chrisgwyneth.jpgGwyneth Paltrow has described husband Chris Martin as a 'genius' actor. The actress, 38, raved about his skills to MTV when asked if they matched up to her talent for singing. "Definitely. I don't think he would ever do it, but he's genius. Did you ever see him in



    This comes days after Chris Martin was given an early nod for the 2011 Oscars. Chris was included in this year’s longlist for the ‘Best Original Song’ category, meaning that they he be eligible for selection in the final Oscar nominations on January 25th next year. He is in contention with ‘Me and Tennessee’, a song which he wrote for Gwyneth Paltrow to sing in the film Country Strong.

    The Coldplay singer had a cameo as himself in the Ricky Gervais' TV comedy in 2006. Paltrow's next big screen appearance is in Country Strong, where she plays a singer whose fame is declining. Gwyneth sings the movie's theme tune and there has even been talk of releasing an album. But she drew the line at covering Coldplay songs. "God no,' she added. "No we just can't, like, merge. His career is there and mine is there."


    Paltrow previously sung in 2000 musical film Duets. The movie Country Strong will be released in the US on January 7 next year. Having won acclaim for her vocal skills in Glee and Country Strong, she has given thought to releasing an album. "I think if I was going to make a country record, it would be a super-bare, kind of stripped-back kind of country," she revealed. "Like a little bit of bluegrass-influenced kind of thing. I also love singing 1940s standards and stuff like that."


    More photos of Coldplay's Crisis gig at Tyne Theatre, Newcastle (20th December 2010):














    Pictures by D Nuttell @ Flickr


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