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    Hannover fan reviews: Curtain falls a little too early on 'Mr Charismartin'

    magicball9.jpgMore excellent reviews of Coldplay's concert at the Hannover Stadium, Hannover, Germany (25th August 2009) have been posted at the Coldplay Live forum, that didn't quite make the main review article in time this morning. Here is the first set, of just some of the many:


    Hey guys, we had a great time yesterday. arrived at the venue at 1.30 pm and there weren't too many ppl there at that time. when the doors opened at 4.30 pm, it was sort of terrible, tho. everyone went a bit mad and was pushing their way through. it was a bit unorganized from the security, methinks. i lost my whole group on the way to the stage, but luckily found them later.


    When i entered the stadium, i was so impressed... omg, it was huge. and it just looked amazing, it really did. anyway, we made it to maybe the fifth row in front of the stage (centre). for me it turned out to be a very nice spot and i had an awesome view. liked the first support act (the kilians, a german band) very much. i saw them once back in 2007, but this time they were so much better. by the time they played, it had already started to rain and it wouldn't stop for about half an hour or so. but i didn't mind the rain too much, since i was already quite exhausted...

    But luckily it stopped when white lies played (didn't like them too much, although they do have some nice songs) and the rain didn't return the whole night. soooo... coldplay hit the stage at 9 pm. i so loved when the curtain fell on them at first i was like "wtf" but it did look really funny... plus, it's sort of good to see that things can still go wrong at a coldplay-concert. it's not always good when everything is just perfect and well-organized, if you know what i mean at least that's my opinion, so that was a bit of a change, heh. later, chris said they had sort of a "shitty start, with things collapsing on the band" you could tell he was a bit pissed at first, but took it with humour afterwards. it is true that they had some technical difficulties throughout the gig and like people already told you, chris apologized a lot i think the screen in the middle wasn't working for the first two songs.


    I have to say, i didn't like when chris suddenly left the stage for 2 or 3 minutes before fix you. it felt like an eternity until he returned and nobody knew what was wrong. the other band members seemed a bit lost, too still no idea where he went, maybe sth was wrong with his mic or he had to go to the toilet anyway... one of my fav moments was definitely the c-stage although i couldn't see the guys back there at all and had to look at the screens, i sooo loved green eyes, that song about the german audience (it finished with sth like "and just to give you and extra thrill, here's a song by our drummer will" ) and especially the billie jean cover!!! i hadn't heard it before and boy, it was SO amazing. everyone had their cellphones out and it just looked stunning... aww.


    The atmosphere was really great as well at that part of the show. so yeah, that was probably my fav moment. oh and i loved the little dance jonny and chris did during DWNC as well, that was so SO cute. other fav moments were of course lovers in japan, the scientist (i like the normal version a lot better than the acoustic version), politik, 42 and strawberry swing. a few more changes in the setlist compared to last year would have been nice, but well... i didn't really expect that too happen anyway. to conclude this little review, it was a great show with only a few downers. i have to say, i enjoyed myself very much, but not more than last year, although this time everything was much bigger. this again wasn't as special to me as maybe oberhausen back in 2005. but it was still amazing, of course it was. didn't take my camera with me this time, so all i got is a few crappy mobile pics, which i'd like to share with you nontheless. PS: what maybe spoiled it a bit for me, was that people behind me kept talking very loud during the whole gig, especially during the quieter songs (the hardest part, green eyes...) i mean, i don't mind people talking, but that was a bit too much - for me it ruined the atmosphere many times. [thanks *Sarah*]




    Ugh ... my head hurts. Well, my mother and I were at the stadium at 11.45. She already started to be kinda pissed, because there was literally no one at the gate. So we decided to take a little walk around the stadium. At the east entrance there were some security guys who gave us a map of all the entrances and then we figured out, that we had to go to the north entrance ... yay ... maybe we weren't to early after all. We passed the Swimming pool and I saw a sign that said "Coldplay - Showers ->" ... ... so I thought if I wait here long enough I might actually see the band members?! *coldplayintowels*


    Well, I didn't wait, we went to the North entrance and discovered that there were already some people waiting, so we just sat down and waited and waited and waited ... still 4 and half hours until they were going to let us in. Some people from Finland had obviously spent the night in front of the gate ... cosy. We started to watch a movie on my iPod and then heard them rehearsing "LiT" and "Violet Hill" about 4 times. I guess somebody wasn't quite content yet ... Then they were rehearsing "White Shadows" and "Chinese Sleep Chant" ... OMG ... I so hoped they were going to play "White Shadows"!!! All of a sudden (at 3.30pm, still 1 hour until entry) the people stood up ... ... didn't quite understand that, so I simply sat down again.


    Then shortly after 4.30pm they finally let us in! I said to my mother: "Run! Run! Run!" ... Welll, she was a lot faster than me, but the security guys stopped all the running people in the stadium anyway. So I walked as a fast as I could towards the stage and suddenly fell down and hurt my ankle ... ouch ... I got up again and hobbled towards the stage and sat down like 1,5m in front of the barrier ... that was close enough for now. The stage was huge ... especially when you were sitting on the ground. The Kilians did a nice job and were really impressed by the stadium and thanked Coldplay many times for this chance ... well and the singer also said about a hundred times "We are the Kilians from Dinslaken!" Well, I GOT IT! Little pause and then the White Lies entered the stage ... the rain got less and less ... but I was completely wet. Why didn't I buy a cape???


    The White Lies did an awesome job, too. Although their singer wasn't really chatty, maybe he was just a little shy?! Well, now it was 8.20pm ... the stadium filled up pretty quickly. The curtain finally fall. I got so excited. I noticed that the wind was blowing against the curtain and the roadies desperately tried to get it away from the stage ... Some twin-chics pushed their way through the crowd ... they got on my nerves the whole evening. How fake can one be? They were all dressed up and wore high heels to a rainy concert, perfect. It was as if they wanted to say "Hi Chris, here we are, take us now" ...


    I was simply glad that I came this early, when the band entered the stage and started "LiT" that close to me! The curtain fell down and buried the mics and the band. Chris seemed a little pissed, but I think Jonny smiled a little. Well, they managed to free the stage from the curtain and the band rocked the stadium with "Violet Hill". Chris said something like "Wow, the people in Hanover sing like angels!" Yeah sure ... you little charmer ... "In my place" was absolutely awesome and I saw a little bit of that Chris&Jonny love. "Glass of Water" was awesome as usual ... I sang along the whole song, although I noticed that a lot of the people around me didn't. The minute Chris finished "42" he just ran and left the stage. That confused me a little. I began to worry that he was feeling sick maybe ... but I saw Guy looking for Chris and smiling a little. He walked towards Jonny and both had a kind of "knowing" look on their face. I'd still like to know, what was going on. Anyway Chris returned as if nothing had happened and "Fix you" began ... awesome as always with 40.000 people screaming along. My mother asked if the people at the Hamburg show last year knew the text that good as well. Of course! Every single Coldplay fan knows that song by heart! The band went to the B-Stage to play the "GPASUF/Talk-Medley".


    It was kinda hard to see them from where I stood. That's why I didn't see Chris playing "The hardest part" and "Postcards from far away". When "Viva la Vida" began the crowd started to scream as loud as they could! I was singing along the whole song, so did the the people around me. I took some pics of Will on his drums, but all of them are blurry. "Lost!" followed ... After "Lost!" the band went to the C-Stage. Jonny in front simply went down the runway beside me and Chris was kinda irritated because he seemed to think they'd have to leave the stage at the side, so he first called "J!" and when Jonny didn't hear him he threw his towel at him. But then he noticed, that Jonny was indeed on the right way and simply followed him. (Chris throwing a towel at Jonny's back. )


    I couldn't see a single thing happening on the C-stage, they were simply too far away. But I was so lucky, that they played "Green eyes", one of my favourite songs. After that they played a little song, in which Chris seemed to improvise and he introduced Will and he started to sing "Death will never conquer". I saw him on the video wall ... so cute. "Billie Jean" and the mobile phone wave followed. I remember Chirs saying "Now keep up your cell phones" and at first nobody reacted. My mother didn't understand until I told her what to do and finally everybody did the same. Back on the main stage they played "Politik". I didn't take a single pic, I simply love that song too much. "Lovers in Japan" was awesome, I noticed Chris had some difficulties with the high notes before, but this time it was perfect. But maybe I simply didn't hear enough of him singing. Once the butterflies started to fly, I was completely distracted from the band and just tried to catch as many as possible. After "Death and all his friends" they left the stage and returned in their colourful uniforms. "The Scientist" almost mad me cry, as usual. I was very happy, that they played the full song and not some acoustic version at the end of the stadium like they did in Hamburg last year. Chris also apologized for the technical difficulties ... again.


    "LiT II" was the last song, of course I sang along as loud as I could, although the people beside me weren't as text-savvy as me. After that the band left the stage pretty quickly and I started to feel kinda depressed, I could have stood there for another hour. But all in all it was absolutely awesome. My ankle still hurts a little and my knees look rather damaged ... but it was totally worth it. Now I'm going to pack my bags, the train to Munich leaves early in the morning. Can't wait for Saturday to come. [thanks Ekmi]




    More new pictures of Coldplay at Hannover Stadium, Hannover, Germany (25th August 2009):


























    Pictures by Ekmi @ Coldplaying




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