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    Have we cracked the Coldplay code with the final 'lyric video'?

    20110526mm19a_1.pngThis is one of the most exciting times to be a Coldplay fan. On the verge of a new album era (soon to be defunct "LP5") we're almost upon the new single, so we're given to believe after Monday's latest video from ColdplayTV. The 'final' video teaser arrived with the following lyrics: "But my heart is beating and my pulses start / Cathedrals in my heart / And we saw oh this light / I swear you, emerge blinking into / to tell me it's alright / as we soar walls / every siren is a symphony / and every tear's a waterfall."


    So far on Monday evening we've had several discussion points, the first being the theory that the title of the album is roughly "Mnemonics and Murals". The second point is that something new will happen on Tuesday, possibly being the new single dropping, given the lyrics videos may have "finally" dried up. Thirdly, the lyrics we've seen so far might either be the completion of one song, two songs, three songs, or four songs from a forthcoming EP or even a collection of every song on the new album! Fourthly, there's a new Coldplay song called Shooting Star, according to the PRS database.


    The latest lyrics video has now taken the "Walking Man and Lyrics Videos + New GIFs + Screencaps/grabs" thread to approximately 140 pages, 2000+ posts and 70000 page views in just six full days. Read on for some of your latest comments and thoughts on the lyrics/song/arrangement so far...

    Someone posted on youtube the comment that the new album's title is "Mnemonics and Murals", which was swiftly deleted. [thanks Miha]


    UGH, I really thought we'd get more than just a teaser today...but at least that one says "finally," which I take to mean we won't have any more bloody teasers. But like some other people, I'm starting to think that all these various teasers haven't been teasing us for one song, they've been lyrics from various parts of the album, and they're gearing us up for an album announcement. I still think it would benefit them (and us) to have one new song to bring on the road with them starting Friday, but I just don't think all these lyrics etc. are from one song anymore. I'm now wondering how likely a single is in the very near future. [thanks ApproximatelyInfinite]


    Personally I don't think the album will be called 'Mnemonics and Murals' I still think the initials will be M......... X....... and it'll be released on October 10th in UK. Even Oracle said the release date for the album has always been the same. My guess is they've had the title for a while and found out that the 10th day of the 10th month (due to MX in Roman numerals meaning 1010) is a Monday. Last year Chris said in an interview that he hoped the album would be out for Christmas 2010. I'm guessing an idea of release date was going to be 10/10/10 at that time, but obviously the album took longer than expected... In other news, I heard a new Coldplay song title today called 'Shooting Star'. Infact the title could very well be Mnemonics and Murals because if you go to the coldplay official website and hover above where it says 'exhibition room' I used to think that was a crown but it could be two 'M's put together and that could be their new logo. I'm a member of PRS and there's an online database you can check for every writer in the UK. I checked it today for Chris Martin and there was a new addition (writing credits by all members of the band) a song called 'Shooting Star' and it says 'New Work'. I'll check again and post more info. [thanks spike]


    When the title is really Mnemonic Murals; that would make a lot of sense actually with the graffiti stuff going on... But I do think that the (reversed) bass sounds way too uptempo for these sensitive lyrics. Although I think the lyrics are kind of liberating... [thanks Lexis]


    tomorrow, it's gotta be tomorrow! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. reallllllllly liking the visuals on this one. haven't had time to digest the lyrics yet. Also, can I just say- MAD PROPS to their marketing people, I think this has been done very well. love how the last lyric we get in the last(?) video is the title, it seems, and the buildup of visuals and sound... very well done. gotta say, I was really digging the "Trapezes" title, I think they should use that one instead. I can't believe that this time tomorrow we might have a new Coldplay single! PS- I'm hoping that the LP5 title is in Latin- Murus is wall in Latin, and that'd fit with the wall graffiti stuff. I'd die of happiness if that happened[thanks notlost92]


    "And finally" ?! So there's a chance it's the last video. Now we even know which song all that teasing was about (Every teardrop is a waterfall). BUT still, it sounds like they can release one or two videos, giving us clearer sound. Yesterday we got a kind of melody, today the bass rythm. Seems like there are things missing. Also, notice the "..." ? That could mean the single is for tomorrow, yes... But it could as well mean the next video is the next part of the sentence. Edit : I still think that's just about the single. Today's lyrics do fit with previous ones : they're about music, symphony... [thanks Pikrass]


    Oh looks like they used a graffiti wall as a background for this one.. May be the same wall they used for the photoshoot a few days ago. I'm less of a fan of the sound on this one, but exited to hear whatever it leads to... Also I'm slightly worried this may be the last little teaser, and we could be left in the dark, again... [thanks a2iel]


    I really don't think that these could all be from different songs. Some of the lyrics do have some differences, but Coldplay did post two videos with "I turn the music up". The trapezes video also included "Maybe" as the first word of every line, just as the other gif with "Maybe the streets alight". I think the lyrics are all part of one song. I think that this last video may be the chorus to the song "Every Tear's A Waterfall". [thanks laxwatcher]


    I think they've given us previews of the THREE singles they will be releasing from the album. Makes sense. The first single would be the first couple of videos they posted...the ones with the weird titles with the letter of the beginning of each word. The second single would be "Trapezes". The final single is this one..."Every Tear Is A Waterfall". Makes perfect sense now! maybe they won't even release all three yet. Maybe just the first one. But I do think they have just shown us snippets of the singles they will release off of the album. That's what the "And finally..." means. Now they've told us which singles will be the three officially released singles. [thanks Iqra94]


    I'm totally buying into the multiple songs theory in regards to what they've been previewing. The whale noise, the star trek references, the walking man visuals, the "morse code," the random video sounds, the disparate lyrics, and the video visuals simply just don't all fit together into one song. There's just no way. That said, I'm not buying that they've already pegged what songs will be singles over the entire era of LP5, and that they're hinting to all of those right now. I don't think even Coldplay would be able to determine (aside from the lead single) which songs they'll use as singles until the album is released and everything receives some positive/negative critical reaction. Also, releasing three singles simultaneously seems weird and unnecessary. What I'm thinking is that these songs they've been giving hints to over the last few days are part of a three/four song EP and/or a single with a few b-sides that they put out imminently right as these festivals start, which kind of previews what the album will be like later in the summer. That way they'd have more than just one song worth of new material to play at festivals for the next several months, but they don't have to rush an entire album out in the next few days. [thanks sodovan38]


    Well a mural is a large piece of art- which goes with the graffiti theme, and we have had mnemonics with the titles of the youtube videos e.g. AATKTDATKANLUMMFAL. [thanks FJK_12]


    The video from yesterday and today go together. that pulsating sound you get with the bass I am pretty sure is going to be product of sidechain compression (you can kind of hear it in the one yesterday as well). This basically means there will be a house-like drum beat that goes with whatever this song is, but I am 95% sure the video from yesterday and today go together. [thanks bearcat1229]


    I have no doubt that those lyrics all belong to the same song. They fit together lyrically, rhythmwise and why would this be the last video if they wanted to give out teasers and hints step by step? Then we'd know more abotu the album. Plus, there are strong connections between some of the verses. Think the lyrics got better and better and now I find them absolutely fantastic. The last line made my skin crawl. [thanks r25d01]


    Btw, judging what locust7 said it is very probable that we will hear several new songs (since the videos and pictures refer to different songs - apparently) before LP5 is released. So this time Coldplay would release 3 songs before actually releasing the whole album. It is just a theory, btw... yet again - locust7 will be right and tomorrow we will get the first single. [thanks the_escapist]


    A few things. 1. This bass riff reminds me of Mr. Brightside. 2. I am willing to bet (quite a bit) that the new title is not Mnemonics and Murals. Heck, just because of some dude's post on Youtube...He's just speculating like the rest of us. The chances that that poster had inside info are basically zero. Also, it doesn't sound Coldplay-ish. [thanks Hartroc]


    Guys , ive just noticed ...if you listen to the last video reversed and watch the first video as normal, the walking man is walking in perfect sync with the beat... possibly the opening to the new video of the single when its released ? The walking man could slowly turn into Chris and the guys !?.. And yes , this could just be a coincidence but hey , if were all playing guessing games then why not. [thanks BigDec]


    Oasis released 3 singles between April and October before the release of (What's The Story) Morning Glory in 1995. I think we'll get the single very very soon and most probably a second one before the release of the album in late September/October. The lyrics revealed in recent days could well be from the two singles they plan to release before the album. [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    ok, sorry if im completely wrong, but im new to posting on here (although ive been a coldplay fanatic for 10+ years)...anyway, i was reading over locust7's posts on the forum, and its absolutely uncanny that the things he says resemble the truth, i honestly think, and im open to correction, that locust7 is someone within the coldplay camp. just a few examples: "the melody and rhythm on this song maybe nothing you ever expected to hear before from them (and it's just speculation)" - obviously they had to say its speculation... "No, I'm sorry... But I don't think it'll be on Monday, that's all I can say (but maybe Tuesday or Wednesday)". Monday has come and gone without a single release...and the most revealing for me: "Maybe the answer of how the LP or the song is titled or are in front of us, and always have been... Lyrics of the song shown regard that music is the issue, could the M word be just "Music"?" Mnemonics and murals, right in front of us no? and the MX on the newspaper on the website and the MM painted with spray paint on the website "You people, all scratching your heads right now, wait for a week, and you'll see... Let come May 31st, June 1st..., round midnight between both days in Europe, you'll probably be or have been..." [thanks lutzno]


    Latest photos of Coldplay at the Beehive (May 2011): [thanks laurenev49]






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