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    How Coldplayers' rated 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall': 2400+ votes cast in 48 hours

    etiaw80.jpgVery rarely do Coldplay produce a song that divides the Coldplaying community right down the middle. But as many of you will have read on the forums over the last 48 hours, their latest single Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall is now that song.


    We've seen some of the media reviews earlier, but now it's time to see what you, the fans, thought of the song. Well, you could say it's like that old Marmite adage; with ETIAW you either love it or you hate it. Some of you sound like you would rather eat copious amounts of the vitamin B-rich yeast extract than listen to the song again. On the other hand there are others who are positively brimming with excitement about seeing it live, especially after seeing it streamed online from Rock am Ring. Whatever your predicament, we know you will all be very interested to see whether it makes the final LP5 tracklisting later this year.


    We have had so many comments about the song in the ETIAW subforum, both good and bad, that it's been almost impossible to keep up with them all. The polls, however, speak for themselves. We hope you get a flavour of public opinion by mulling over the voting results and then reading a selection of mini-reviews after the jump...

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    Since it's been released, I've listened to Live 2003 a couple of times, Rock Am Ring live yesterday evening and ETIAW - in other words, I've listened to ETIAW probably more times than would be recommended, but I still love it! I don't think I'llever set my virtual foot in the negative ETIAW thread! Compared to some of the older songs, I think ETIAW stands proud in the Coldplay catalogue... To me there's real passion, and happiness for life that inspires this track, which makes it really enjoyable. I think the track could do without the bit that was sampled... But it goes well with the track, it doesn't remove anything from it. If Chris wrote ETIAW or was inspired to write after hearing the original song, it makes some sense to include the sampling. That said, I'd like to hear an official version without it. I'm watching the Rock am Ring concert again (it took me 6 hours to download!) and I'm definitely looking forward to Every Teardrop is a Waterfall!! [thanks WH25]


    As a Coldplay fan, I find this single very disappointing. This is weak, way under Coldplay's full potential, so is Chris' singing. It's as if they only want to please the people who listen to hit radio and be number 1 in the hit lists. I was wrong at first by comparing ETIAW to gorgeous songs they made before, such as Spies, AROBTTH, Trouble and I Ran Away, songs that don't use (catchy) melody samples that aren't even their own (something they shouldn't need at all). I was afraid they would be going this "big band with big hits" way. While I, and many other fans that have been following them for a longer time, am a huge fan mainly because of their moody, stripped down and goosebumps-inducing sound and deep lyrics, and also blowing-away rock, things ETIAW definitely doesn't have. Now I realise that they can still do it, and ETIAW is just some kind of experiment and it proves that they can do whatever they want, although ETIAW could have been made by any commercial pop band. However that makes me afraid that people who are not fans will know Coldplay as a band that makes stadium-filling big songs, and they are missing out on the real Coldplay. [thanks Tryptophan]


    ETIAW is incredible live! There is so much energy in the performance, and they all really seem to love the song. Chris kept smiling and even Guy (who I always find looks very serious on stage!) seemed really into it. It makes it an even better performance when the band is excited about what they are playing! While it may not be a musical masterpiece, it is still far better than half the crap out there. It is an uplifting tune with good lyrics, a catchy melody, and some lovely instrumental bits. It's going to be fantastic for the festivals this summer as it is fun and easy to dance and sing along to. I think that Coldplay wanted to have some fun with this song, and they have definitely achieved that goal. [thanks Technicolor Sparks]


    There is something positive about ETIAW for me. I won't have to waste $.99 on the song. [thanks the_gloaming09]


    My first listen was about a 6-7. Didn't really know what to think about it. Then I found out about the sampling. Listened a few more times. Kind of grew on me. It sounds like Glass of Water and A Spell A Rebel Yell mixed together. I enjoy the song immensely. Very joyous and well constructed. But I do hope that LP5 will take on a different tone. When I heard the teaser for the chorus bassline, with the Radiohead-esque electronic sound, I was pumped. I'm just hoping for a slightly darker, more serious sound in LP5. A return to form, if you will. [thanks Squish92]


    You guys thought Coldplaying's reaction was intense, did you see what happened when Taiwan's Parliament heard the song? [thanks matts05]


    It is truly a very different and a bit too mainstream sound... I gues there's nothing wrong with the band wanting to reach a different and bigger crowd. I personally don't love it, and think is only a very fun summery dancin song, easily forgettable... but I think there's nothing to be afraid about 'cause all the hard-root fans trully know Coldplay and know that we'll still have them back...meaning we will hear the regular coldplay sound in the future. So, let them have their moment, it's O.K. we haven't lost them. Lyrics, for example, sound tipically deep and meaningful. Kudos for the band, keep up the great work. [thanks starearendil]


    "So you can hurt, hurt me bad but still I'll raise the flag" LOVE this lyric. Also in the beginning it mentions escaping into your favorite song. Who hasn't done that? I know people have been trashing the lyrics but I think they are beautiful. I think people are stuck on this idea that since it is the new single and it's been awhile since the last Coldplay release it needs to be a monumental, groundbreaking masterpiece. It's a good solid song. And whats so wrong with it making people happy? That's a good thing, the world needs more happiness. [thanks monkeeypantz]


    I really dislike the song... First I was like...it's nothing special but it might work. But now, it's one of my least favorite Coldplay songs...Probably next to that old song No more keeping my feet on the ground...Which I can't stand. Anyway... Having heard the other songs on YouTube I really hope that Every Tear won't be on the album...Or if it is, that it will be a bonus track... Or at least NOT a single. Too lame for the leading single IMO. And yes, it disappoints me that they used the sample very much so! [thanks Strawberry Swinger]


    I'm one of the fans who really likes ETIAW. Everyone is definitely allowed his or her opinion, and I can understand why fans who were waiting for the next "Yellow" are disappointed. However, spare some thought for the marketing aspects behind the single's release. The single is meant to get people - some of whom may never have listened to Coldplay before - interested in the festival shows and in LP5. So the song had to be accessible to the casual listener, and the band went the danceable route to make it so. No, it's not "Warning Sign" but it's not crap, either. I have to smile a little and wonder, if media such as this had been around in 1967, we'd have had Beatles fans dissing "Sgt. Pepper" and longing for the times when we had lyrics such as "beep beep and beep beep yeah!" And seeing the videos from last night makes me even more eager for the album! [thanks JillyBlue]


    I think the song is the sound of four people playing very tightly together and is actually a magnificent celebration song. If it is indeed the last song on the album, what a great way to end what could still be a rather intimate affair (we have heard only ONE song!). Also, in understanding Chris' statement about making a final push to be the biggest band in the world, I think they have succeeded in making an organic sounding, yet large, pop song along the lines of U2. Love the energy, and am completely intrigued by their promotion (or lack thereof) for the album. Bands get tired of their tour/record cycle and want to switch up their sound and their strategy. They have redesigned everything, from stage, to clothes, to sound, and haven't spoken one word about it like in previous campaigns. They dont need to repeat themselves or build hype after months of magazines and reporters living with them at the studio in building to the album release. They will simply let the music speak for itself. When a band the size of Coldplay say they want an album to come out with less fan fair, it's hard to imagine how, but somehow, in typical Coldplay style, they have achieved just that. A large affair without any fan fair! Kanye tried this promotion style with his last album and in some respects it failed, the gamble didn't work out with regards to album sales. But Google Coldplay and see how many sites are making the story up for the band. They haven't had to do interviews with anyone and yet EVERY music source is writing long articles about the new single and forthcoming album. They are already getting all the promotion they need. It will be interesting to see if this works out for Coldplay. I hope it does. Good job boys. Haters gon hate! [thanks joshtimo]


    It sounds so forced. they're trying so hard to make this ridiculous dance epic summer singalong that will make everyone happy, but they tried to hard to do that instead of just making music the natural way it feels like they have the past four albums. this is so much more processed / commercialized sounding. I love the album Viva, along with all their other albums, and the song Viva was my least favorite on that album, it was popppish but at leassst it was original! That song sounds so much better now!!! [thanks Eh Steve!]


    I think the reason why I am so disappointed with it is because I was expecting it be something it wasn't. I first was thinking it could be something along the lines of acoustic, because as you said matts05, Chris has said the new album would be along the lines of intimate, and acoustic. The next thing I was thinking the song might be was a "punkish" song. I just got that kinda feel from the Artwork for the song, and the pictures of the band in the new clothes. But instead we got a dance song.. I guess I was just too hyped from all the little teasers the band put out weeks prior. I applaud the band for going down a new path. I tend to enjoy things that are new, and fresh. Thats why I loved VLV so much. It was a new sound, to a familiar structure of songs the band are well known for. I always loved Coldplay for singing about big things in life. Talking about the good, the bad, and the mysterious. This song talks about dancing the night away.. (Hmmm). I think this song will always be known for one of their biggest mistakes, like it or not. This song is just not my cup of tea. [thanks The Joker]


    I am baffled as well. I like it. Is it The Scientist? No. Is it Clocks? No. But it's really, really catchy, and that's what Chris is best at, giving us songs to hum and sing along with. No, he doesn't write Arcade Fire type lyrics. But give him a break. Will it be on the album? We don't know, but I think Coldplay fans saying they're going to give up the band completely if it's on the album is a bit shortsighted. It's ONE SONG, people. Enjoy it, dance to it, exercise to it, listen while you're driving (Chris writes great driving songs). It's really not that bad. We're still Coldplay fans, after all. [thanks kittybitty]


    I don't totally dislike the song. That said, what a real fan does in my opinion is trusting the guys, that does not mean welcoming whatever they release as if it was gold even when it's not that good, but thinking that if they wrote that song they had their reasons, be trying sth different, having a festival tune, or whatever, they had sth to express. I really can't understand those who question their skills in such a dramatic way for ONE song that they don't like, especially because the other new songs show the guys are still great. [thanks Steph589]


    At first I was incredibly skeptical, maybe because I had built up the return to an unimaginable level, so I voted it a 6, maybe a low 7. After repeated listening, each time raising the volume just a tad bit louder, I would give it a solid 9. It's not a Yellow or CLocks...yet. I disliked Violet Hill when it first came out, but after listening to it in the context of the entire album, I fell in love with it, so maybe that's how it will become with this song. Also, Coldplay stated a while back that the album would be about Spray Paint Art...and Nazis. I actually listened to this song, picturing war refugees in Germany during WW2, and their expressions toward the war ending, and being able to sing and dance again. Their teardrops were a waterfall, but they were free, and thus joyous and hopeful. It's not the Coldplay I'm accustomed to, but I do like it, and with each listen I like it more and more. [thanks danmets21]


    I'm also no big fan of this song. So happy that the other new songs played at the festivals are way better than this one. I would also agree that it is the most flat song Coldplay ever made....I think Coldplay just did this track to jump onto the dance trend in popular music and as a seller for the new album. It does not even come close to Viva la vida, although I always considered this to be one of their worse songs. ETIAW starts in the beginning with this awful sample which I always associate with Verona Feldbusch (German fans will understand). Afterwards the verses always repeat this "stolen" melody, the vocals are not interesting, it is overproduced etc.. Yeah, live it functions a bit better but that does not change the fact that it will be on the studio album and sound very cheesy. The only things I appreciate about this song are the drums at the end and that it will be the final track on the album so I don't have to skip! [thanks Sparks22]


    I'm more than willing to point at the exact reasons this song rubs me the wrong way. The lyrics are juvenile and a definite step backward, though unfortunately that seems to be a theme with most of the new songs. The music seems more than sampled, its nearly a direct copy, and its not pleasing to the ear, sounds like a cheap dance track from katie perry. The song goes nowhere, you keep waiting for it to take off and it just goes flat. I'm not hearing analysis like this from the people who love it so why they feel the need to brand people with a negative opinion as "not true fans" is beyond me. And no the fact that its "pop" is not a problem for me, I happen to be a fan of hanson, a pop band to the core. My problem with the song is that its "bad pop" or in other words just a bad song. thanks majgirl]



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