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    ITunes reveals track lengths for multiple "Ghost Stories" tracks. "Another's Arms" the next promo track?

    Coldplay fans are very observant, any sort of developments are quickly picked up on. Jonny could have slightly heavier stubble than normal, Phil Harvey could of been spotted buying Easter eggs in Tesco but it was none of those (today anyway!). BiggerStronger on our forums was doing the usual check up on the ITunes tracklist (as you do!) for Ghost Stories and spotted the new track lengths for Midnight, Another's Arms and A Sky Full of Stars.




    Firstly, it immediately came to mind that Midnight is longer than 5 minutes (5:08 to exact upon checking) but a source from Warner Music (thanks to fellow fan site Coldplayzone.it) revealed the promo version was not the final edit of the track which made sense of the 4:54 track length of the album version.




    The track length of Another's Arms is pretty much the same as the ITunes festival live version and it brings back the speculation that was fueled by Amazon revealing apparent promo release dates of Another's Arms and A Sky Full of Stars, as shown in this article. If that is to be believed still which seems more likely given the track length was revealed for Another's Arms, we will get to hear the studio version of Another's arms before the release of A Sky Full of Stars, exciting times indeed!


    A Sky Full of Stars has been suggested by a few lucky fan's who attended the Sony Studios secret live show on 21st March that the length was standard and just over the 4 minute mark. There will be further previews of the potentially defining A Sky Full of Stars on the way!


    Only 33 days to go now until the new Coldplay album of 2014, “Ghost Stories” is out!

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