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    Jay-Z Album To Feature 'Til Kingdom Come Remix

    jayz.jpgAccording to http://www.allhiphop.com. My homey Lonnie from BQE Entertainment and Mr. DonMartin hit me with what could be the actual tracklisting of Jay-Z's upcoming album, Kingdom Come. Looks official, but my boy Mick Boogie has informed me that its probably a fake!


    According to my sources, Jay-Z has NOT yet recording anything with The Clipse and the album is too long.


    1. Mr. President (Intro)

    2. Show Me What You Got

    3. C.S.A. (Confederate States of America) ( feat. T.I. and Bun B ) [prod. by The Runners]

    4. I Will Not Lose [prod. by The Neptunes]

    5. Dead Presidents Pt. III (feat. Nas) [prod. by Just Blaze]

    6. Tears (feat. Mary J. Blige) [prod. by Dr. Dre]

    7. Hades (Lucifer Pt. II) [prod. by Kanye West]

    8. Celebrate [prod. by Timbaland]

    9. Shades of Grey (feat. Eminem) [prod. by Eminem]

    10. Roc-Stars (feat. Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Tru-Life) [prod. by Just Blaze]

    11. Legacy [prod. by Kanye West]

    12. Candy Cane (feat. Young Jeezy and The Clipse) [prod. by The Neptunes]

    13. Family Values [prod. by Kanye West]

    14. The DEFinition [prod. by Rick Rubin]

    15. You Remind Me (feat. Beyonce)

    16. Til Kingdom Come (remix feat. Coldplay) [prod. by Chris Martin]


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