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    [Junos] Coldplaying Boardies Meets Chris Martin

    So autumjoy had all these grand plans of how to wander around the city looking for the guys. Me, being the paranoid cynical type I am thought this was a little crazy and would never work. I went to the huge (amazing) Broken Social Scene concert Saturday night, and woke up Sunday hardly able to hear, and barely able to move I ached so much. As much as I really wanted to find the guys, I couldn't bear the though of moving more than a couple of feet at a time, and like I said, I didn't think we had much of a chance anyway.


    Then Joy called. She'd been hanging out around the Metro Centre, and had met them all on the way into soundcheck. (I'll let her give you the details of that.) I finished getting ready and hightailed it down there myself. Guy, Will and Jonny had already left, but Chris was still inside rehearsing. There was basically no one there besides autumnjoy's family and a couple of other people. Everyone else was at the other end of the building lining the red carpet hoping to see someone...chrisandmo.jpg


    I had made it just in time. Chris came out in that black hoodie of his. And we all went a bit crazy. I asked him to sign my arobtth cover. I'm shy to begin with, but I wasn't as tounge-tied as I was afraid of being, even though I just sort of mumbled stuff. It's strange... the sort of things I wish I could say is how that album you just signed was the first real cd I ever owned, and how it gets played twice as often as anything, and how the music changed my world and means so much to me. But of course however true that may be it's all cliches and in the end I just go along with other people's conversations.


    Chris talks about how cold it is and how can we stand it out there. (The wind was ferocious that day and he was just wearing a thin hoodie) I think I said something about getting used to it and shrugging. Someone told him how they could hear the soundcheck and it sounded really good. Chris gave a typical it was crap kind of answer (have I mentioned how much I love this guy yet?) and promised it would be awesome that night. Autumnjoy's mom got up to courage to ask if she could see Chris's new haircut, to which he said something about how he was still really self-concious about it.




    He was so amazingly patient with everyone, and seemed like he was in a really good mood, even if he was shivering. He posed for pictures with people, and signed autographs and stuff. Of course I was so starstruck by that point I couldn't even squeak out a request for a picture, and so he was off.


    Seriously. Nicest guy in the universe.


    And for the record, in spite of whatever misgivings he had about the haircut, based on what I saw at the actual Junos, I'd say its my favorite haircut of his ever. It looked perfect. No worries.


    More on this here [thanks Erin]




    I’m just home now (my sister wanted to go downtown to see about getting into a club where Black Eyed Peas was hosting a party… the line was around the block.. we skipped).


    I had the most incredible day. I talked to Chris and Guy as they were heading in for soundcheck… soooo nice. I can’t say enough about how nice Chris is. Guy didn’t talk much, but he was sweet too. Got autographs, pictures with the boys, etc… it was … just.. unbelievable.

    I’ll upload pics and vids later.


    You know, there’s a reason we all love this band so much. It’s not just because they create the most incredible music in the world. Or because they’re pretty damn fine. And it’s not because they check on their fans during a performance (although, that’s a pretty big reason).

    It’s because they’re so nice, and so normal. A tech guy unrelated to the coldplay tech guys came out, looked at me, said “weren’t you the one that got a pic with Coldplay?” I said yes, and he went on to praise Chris and talk about how down to earth he is and how nice and kind and friendly and warm… etc…


    Thats why we love these boys. They aren’t rock stars… they’re lovely people who play and sing incredibly well.


    Well, at least… that’s why I love them.


    Goodnight! Like I said.. more pictures and videos to follow.. and pictures of the back of my Parachutes album (vinyl) which is scrawled with siggys now [thanks Autumnjoy]

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