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    Justin Hawkins: Chris Martin Should Burn In Hell

    justinhawkins.jpgJustin Hawkins [pictured] has sensationally slammed Chris Martin and Bono, saying that the Coldplay frontman should burn in hell.


    In the outspoken interview, he also said that he hates Bono’s egotistical ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Asked which star should burn in hell, Hawkins replied, “Chris Martin. What are those seven deadly sins again? Greed? Sloth? Calling your child Apple? He’s terribly vain. I think he has a narcissism complex. He wants to be Bono, but he bleats in interviews about worrying about being ubiquitous. Make your fucking mind up. If you want to be a household name, be a household name.”


    In the Kerrang! interview, he ranted on: “Writing ‘Fair Trade’ on his hand. If you’re concerned about Fair Trade, tattoo it on your skin, don’t just fucking write it on your hand in felt tip.”


    Turning his attention to Bono, Hawkins blathered “I hate people being holier than thou. Like Bono getting an audience with the Pope, was all for Bono’s ego.”


    Source: entertainmentwise.com

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