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    Killers Give Props to Coldplay For Latest Album

    The Killers have revealed their new album 'Sam's Town' took some inspiration from Coldplay.


    Though the Killers have made plenty of headlines for trading barbs with bands over the last year-plus, during our AOL Sessions interview frontman Brandon Flowers and guitarist Dave Keuning had nothing but kind words for some of their peers.


    "We all listen to our favorite bands and are inspired on the drive to the studio by whatever's in our car," Keuning said. "We just try and make the best songs possible. I guess maybe we're trying to be just as good as Coldplay. You know, we use them as an influence, too."But their appreciation for fellow musicians doesn't stop there. They also gave major props to the Strokes.


    "The very first song on the third Strokes album is a perfect pop sensation and that made us [try harder]," Flowers notes about the making of 'Sam's Town.' "I remember playing pool and that record came out when we were at Dave's house and listening to that over and over."


    Source: http://www.aolmusicnewsblog.com

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