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    Latest Coldplay News Snapshots: Friday 4th July - Independence Day!

    coldplaywave1.jpgNew scans have been uploaded from Italian magazines Rockstar and XL Repubblica here and here (the latter being a translation of the recent English Q Magazine article from June). In case you missed them, a reminder that the Spin Magazine Coldplay scans are here.


    Nearly 1000 photos have been uploaded to the Coldplaying gallery so far from Coldplay's set (and soundcheck) at the Today Show last Friday in New York (thanks to all the VIP Coldplayers who took some fantastic shots). Coldplay have updated the official website with videos from the same Today Show performance. The official line: It was early, but it was great.


    Meanwhile, remember we asked you recently if you wanted to add anyone to Coldplay's public enemy list? Well the list is in, and it's time to vote for your no.1!


    And finally, 'The Church Of Chris Martin' has declared holy war (should that be a capital h?) on Coldplaying.com, calling our members heritics, unbelievers, blasphemers and "a bunch of real shits". Where's that lamb and a twig of mint, it's sacrifice time!


    [Thanks Iriden, alejaluvscp, Dr. Norway, mimixxx, all the VIP Coldplayers and... The Church of Chris Martin]


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