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    Listen to Lady GaGa covering (butchering) Coldplay’s 'Viva La Vida' for Radio 1

    Artists have been doing live cover songs for ages. Sometimes the results kick pure ass like newcomer Melanie Fiona’s cover of Kanye West’s Heartless and Jesse McCartney’s cover of the T-Pain pick up song Buy You A Drink. And other times, it falls a little short. Sadly, this is the case with Lady GaGa’s cover of Coldplay’s hit single Viva La Vida.


    During Radio 1’s Live Lounge, GaGa took to her keyboard to tackle the song. GaGa didn’t seem to be her 'epic' self while performing the song; she flubbed several lyrics and her high notes were rather scratchy. Now, some say that GaGa has the voice to pull this off so this should have been a complete win but this one has to be marked as a FAIL.


    In case you missed it or should you want to put yourself through it again, listen to the butchery at the Coldplay forum here and add your comments! [thanks BrummieTerra & cold_love23]



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