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    Listen To The Oracle (If You Need Your Ears Cleaning)

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    September 15, 2008 - submitted by Ravi, United Kingdom

    Q. I have a Biography called, Nobody says it was Easy by Martin Roach, and in there it says Tim Rice-Oak whatever from Keane gave the name Coldplay, but you said it was Tim Crompton, so he made a mistake, in a biography, that's kind of silly don't you think?

    The Oracle replies:

    Yes I agree. Nobody said It Was Easy is an unofficial biography of Coldplay by Martin Roach. He's written many books but in this case there are a few errors such as Chris' birthdate and as you mentioned Tim Rice-Oxley (from Keane) giving them the name. Wikipedia has only recently been updated, as that particular one was a common mistake made.

    September 15, 2008 - submitted by nadia, Peru

    Q. hi dear oracle!!

    long time ago--it`s really long-- i was watching a chapter of "storytellers" at VH1 and Coldplay was there, telling stories of course!, and the said something about a concert where they were playing Clocks -i think- and suddenly a really enormous laser appeared behind them!...could you ask the guys where and when it was?i think it was at Glastonburry but i'm not sure...and could you please tell me if they have any video of that?and if they do,can they post it at the timeline,please??--as a big favor!!--cause i've looking for it since then.

    PS:sorry if i commit any grammatical mistake...it's because i'm latin :9

    The Oracle replies:

    It was indeed Glastonbury 2002 when they headlined the Pyramid Stage on the Friday. The album (A Rush of Blood to the Head) hadn't been released at this point. The band had just completed a mini tour of the UK but they were all small venues with limited lights etc so the green laser had to make its debut at Glasto. The BBC televised it and therefore they own the copyright to that footage. There are various videos on the web (at You Tube etc) where you can see it.


    September 15, 2008 - submitted by louise, United Kingdom

    Q. what is ear wax and is it bad for your ears


    The Oracle replies:

    It's a natural secretion of the ear and is very important for lubricating, cleaning and protecting the ear. It is said never to put anything smaller than your elbow inside your ear. It's not advisable to poke around or use cotton buds to clean it. Only if you're producing too much wax that may cause hearing impediment is it advisable to get the ear cleaned, but professionally. Also, a common misconception is that when the ears are syringed a needle is used. That's not the case at all so don't be put off if you feel you need this procedure.


    September 15, 2008 - submitted by Tiggy, Greece

    Q. Is it possible for someone to kiss you all night long admittedly after drinking a few glasses and then saying that he was not himself? Especially if it someone you have known for 10 years? Is it more likely he doesn't like me this way or that he only found the courage with the alcohol?

    The Oracle replies:

    Remember alcohol can cause people to behave in a totally different manner. It can make some people throw caution to the wind, others may drop their inhibitions and some may act completely out of character and immediately regret their actions. When long-standing friends cross the line and become involved it could ruin the relationship. If when you kissed him back you were sober, you have to work through your feelings for him. Being friends may not be enough for you but it seems that for now, he doesn't want to get involved with you. Be careful not to let this become a drunken pattern of behaviour. He may be embarrassed or guilty so it's best to respect yourself. Try to get things back to how it was before the kissing so that when he's feeling comfortable around you there may be a time in the not so distant future where you can talk to him about it.

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