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    Live 2012: Coldplayers' reviews of the cinema screenings worldwide (part 2)

    live2012thumbs.jpgColdplay's Live 2012 concert film has now been released worldwide. It documents the Mylo Xyloto world tour, which has been seen by more than three million people since it began in June 2011. The disc includes footage from Coldplay's shows at Paris's Stade de France, Montreal's Bell Centre and the band's Pyramid Stage headline performance at Glastonbury 2011.


    Last week, Coldplayers around the world watched the Live 2012 cinema screening ahead of the physical release, and this article focuses on the many reviews coming in from fans who went to see the new Live 2012 concert film in theatres around the world. You can read lots more at the Coldplay Live 2012 movie premiere thread in the Coldplay forum now.


    We had so many reviews, we decided to spread them about a bit over several articles - read on for our second selection of reviews and images from around the globe...


    Venue: Stratford London. Absolutely fantastic. Second best to seeing it live, which I did in London. But I didn't see myself which was the only bad thing. I wore my mx jacket and sang and clapped. I found it fascinating when the interviews came on and thought it broke the concerts up perfectly - not ruin it as people are mentioning. Now like ever coldplayer I look forward to watching it all again in solid surround sound and blue ray as loud as humanly possible. And see and possible extras such as cadburys buttons-the return of!!!! That's why Chris is the ultimate show man. So much energy and effort. Johnny is immaculate. Will is crazy and guy is smooth. Can't wait for the next album boys. 10/10. Hope everyone enjoyed the film. [thanks ah2k10]

    In my city, I didn't expect that many people coming. The room was a bit less than half-filled. Just before the screening, a man (who then said that he was a dj for NRJ Grenoble - they are making people win tickets to Australia, btw, too bad I don't have the time to participate) tried to warm up the room...which was pretty difficult already They weren't really into it, for the large majority. When he asked if some us went to Paris, about 5 of us raised hands and shyly cheered. Some of the songs during the movie ended with a few claps (some initiated by me or the guy next to me, damn what a fanboy he was REALLY into it, sang a lot and everything , sometimes it was also initiated by the claps from the movie, that sounded very...close and real, in a way ). But, yeah, for the large majority, most of the time, it was all pretty dead That was a disappointment, definitely, but I tried to not let it get in the way of enjoying the film Coldplay's hotness worked making me stare at the screen and focus on nothing else, of course! [thanks Coeurli]


    seen it in haarlem/netherlands tonight and loved it all the way.its cool to see the arena and all from their perspective and the lights and all. i did love the talking in between,makes it more a film instead just a concert and also the way its filmed. even made me emotional every now and then. and now waiting for the dvd to arrive and watch it over and over again. [thanks conny]


    The film was really amazing! The audience wasn't cheering or clapping along here either but it's a cinema and not a concert venue. So I wasn't expecting that much from the audience. The most important part is that I saw the film and it was absolutely breathtaking, I really felt like I was back at a concert, and it really seemed to be longer than 96 minutes but it wasn't. Amazing. [thanks 42JTR]


    I gotta admit I wasnt expecting anything from this film but WOW!!! Amazing!!!!! Easily 10/10! I didnt quite know what Chris was saying about the chocolate buttons at the end because i was too busy humming up with the birds lol, I hope they leave it on the DVD and its not just for the cinema version. My cinema showing was about quarter filled, and during the first half of the film people were texting and on their mobile phones, but during the second half it was dead quiet, everyone was glued to the film. The only downside was not including their best song, The Scientist. I hope its on the DVD version or better still on the CD. [thanks likeafire]


    Ok then, I think I might get a bit emotional here so feel free to skip my message. I've never been to a concert and I don't think I ever will (can't afford it). So this was my only chance to get "closer" to the band. To my surprise, the room was full of people and we were singing, clapping, and basically being happy. We didn't know each other, we probably will never meet again but in that moment, in that place, we were all united. It's not only music, Coldplay is not just a band. I felt a bond around us. As for the show... what can I say. I love every single song, word, gesture... everything. Because it's about them - the person behind the artist. I admit I cried right before, during and after Up In Flames, because I felt their solitude in the hotel rooms. I don't think they will ever see this but I want to thank everyone for putting this beautiful film in cinemas, you made me feel as if I was in one of your concerts. Thank you for your inspiration. I live in the darkness but, tonight, I've been glowing in the dark. [thanks Karmen]


    Just came back from the cinema, man it was AMAZING. And it was pretty cool that the cinema staff turned up the volume REALLY high so that my ears started to tingle as if I actually was at a concert. I went to the cinema together with Fraetes, Phil (not the Coldplay Phil ), mc_squared, Volker41, Danceteacher, katja, Yellow_Girl, Dark_Sofie, Jacky and her best friend. We really had trouble to not stand up during the movie, jump around, scream and sing along It was so cool to have so many Coldplayers around me! Oh, and it was rather funny so see what other kind of people sat around us: Some wore suits and some wore xylobands And it seemed that everyone picked a yellow one LOL, figures! So I don't want to say anything about the movie since some people couldn't go to the cinema today and have to wait for their DVD so I don't wanna spoil them...


    I will only say that the movie was amazingly done, there was live footage and little intermissions that were rather... emotional (and oftentimes in b/w) that got me all teary eyed The movie really shows some interesting stuff that happens behind/after the stage, and makes you realise that the members of Coldplay are just as human as you are, even if they seem like rock gods on stage. They all feel the same about the show as we do, and they all have their problems to deal with, like the stress of being apart from your family (there's a rather touching story of Will in the movie) etc. 16,70€ was rather expensive for 110 minutes, but oh well And there was something VERY funny after the credits has been played hahah! Anyways, it was totally worth it, after the movie was played our whole seated line of Coldplayers threw up their hands in the air and applauded, totally influenced all the people around us and made the whole theater cheer and clapping their hands, which was pretty epic! NOW I WANT THAT DVD, I need to analyse every pixel of this movie! [thanks Twisted mind]


    I've screamed all time, ETIAW was amazing, all people singing and clapping! During Fix You I was in heaven. During GPASUYF I was singing so laud that all cinema was looking at me!!! I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one who dislike Rihanna, infact no one was singing PoC and after the show I've eard many people saying: "she was dressed like a bitch". 8/10 [thanks joseki]


    More Coldplayer reviews of Live 2012 to follow in part 3...


    Images from around the world during the cinema screenings of Live 2012 on 13th November 2012:






















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