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    Live 2012 review 5: Coldplay's DVD captures perfectly the inspiring energy of the live show

    As this album captures beautifully, when Coldplay are live you just cannot help but love them!"


    Few live albums present an accurate picture of what a live concert is really like, writes Altsounds in the latest online review of Coldplay's Live 2012 film. Johnny Cash achieved it with ‘At Folsom Prison’ and so did The Who with ‘Live at Leeds.’ The secret to success when releasing a concert in purely audio format is recording the entire thing; fan interaction, cheers and gasps of the crowd and leaving very little – if anything – out of the recording. Production needs to be skin-tight and it always helps if a band is seemingly designed for live purposes.



    Coldplay is a band seemingly designed for live purposes such is the impact of their music when heard in a live environment and you can now add them to your list of artists with successful live albums.‘Live 2012’ is a recording of the band’s live outings of their Mylo Xyloto album and captures perfectly the kind of inspiring energy that can be found at a Coldplay live show.




    From the opening chills of the album title to the powerful orchestral anthem that is ‘Viva La Vida’, Coldplay is everything live that you would expect. You hear everything that could be heard at the live shows, Chris Martin’s vocals are as clear and crisp as ever and there is not a hint of doom and gloom around – everything sounds so much better than it does on the actual Mylo Xyloto album recording.


    ‘Us Against The World’ has an extra sparkling of magic when performed acoustically and songs like ‘Clocks’ and ‘Fix You’ sound so spellbinding with the full force of an audience behind them that you cannot help but feel like you are there, in among the sweaty, amazed Coldplay fans in the packed out crowd having the night of your life.


    Can you remember before Coldplay released Mylo Xyloto and declared that they don’t care what the haters and critics thought about them? The attitude they held before the band softened to appearances on X-Factor and mainstream TV is still there in this live album and it quickly becomes clear as Martin belts out ‘Yellow’ early into the album that Coldplay with an attitude is so much more infectious than mainstream pleasing, goodie-two-shoes Coldplay.


    Coldplay is probably one of few bands today that has to be seen to be believed but now you can actually hear them to be believed. Yes, they have their album and single success but in this format they are very much a Marmite proposition – you either love them or hate them. As this album captures beautifully, when Coldplay are live you just cannot help but love them! [Article ends]


    Images from around the world during the cinema screenings of Live 2012 on 13th November 2012:











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