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    [Live Report] Coldplay @ Colorline Arena, Hamburg, Germany

    colorlinearena.jpgReports from Hamburg's Colorline Arena in Germany are filtering through from those in the queue waiting to access the venue for the Coldplay concert tonight. Times are German (local time):


    8.24pm: Albert hammond jr. was bloody brilliant! But he should've played more from his first record though

    But fuck that, coldplay's next! OMFG!!!

    See you on the other side guys!


    6.37pm: So, we're in the arena now =D the people in front of the doors went nuts and we got pretty much squashed lol

    Lars got in first with sarah, i got lost during the process but caught up with them in front of the stage quickly

    We're 3rd row, center now, amazing!!!!!

    And no, of course i won't report during the concert lol i'm not crazy ;D

    Greetings! We're soo exciiiiiiteeeeedd

    2.32pm:Lars is here now, too ;D it's a bit cold and we tried to find the band backstage, but the bs-area is lik an effing fort! No chance to see them... But we'll keep on trying! 2 1/2 hours till the doors open - we're 40 people now! Stay tuned for more news

    Sarah, lars and felix~



    Sarah and I are now at the venue and waiting for the gates to open exciiiiiiiting!!

    There are about 20 people here - and all of them are waiting for lars to arrive


    More on the updates from the Colorline Arena and tonight's show in the Hamburg live thread here [thanks winnie]

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