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    [Live Report] Coldplay @ The Forum, LA - 14th July (Grande)

    Setlist: Life In Techicolor / Violet Hill / Clocks / In My Place / Viva La Vida / 42 / Yes / The Scientist / Chines Sleep Chant (Sidestage) / God Put A Smile Upon My Face (Sidestage, new version) / Square One / Speed Of Sound / Trouble / Lost / Strawberry Swing / Yellow (Crowd acoustic) / Death Will Never Conquer (Crowd acoustic, Will Champion) / Fix You / Lovers In Japan / Death And All Of His Friends


    The band started playing at around 9:30 with Life in Technicolor... which was absolutely fantastic! The drums were incredible, it was so extremely intense... guy was wearing a red shirt with a black thing over his shoulders, and he was wearing black pants with silver stripes down the sides.... everyone else was wearing the viva la vida shirts and the pants... jonny had his hat on like the usual. will was incredible on the drums, i was SO impressed with him. Chris did a wonderful job of singing everything... they have never sounded better than they do now.


    Violet Hill came right after Life In Technicolor... which was absolutely amazing. The TV balls were extremely cool... the effects that the cameras had on the band were amazing.


    One thing that really made me laugh SO hard that they did is that they played someone on the news talking about how Coldplay "stole" somebody elses song (yeah, right!).... and they showed the person saying that chris martin wasn't man enough to come on the show and defend himself... THE WHOLE CROWD BOOED HIM IT WAS HILARIOUS!


    More on this show at the 14 July LA show discussion thread [thanks JCold35 & ForrestTheFish]



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